Product Listings: Cizer.Net Reporting 4.0 Developer Edition, More

Learn about the latest and greatest products available from vendors that provide tools and services for Visual Studio .NET.

CorgentDiagram2.5 for .NET: Automate Diagrams

CorgentDiagram is a high-end package for designing, programming and hosting charts and diagrams in Windows or Web applications.

Straighten Out Your Strings

Get better performance and productivity by relying on .NET's native string handling capabilities.

Are You a Visual Studio All Star?

VSM wants to find the rock star developers in our community and write about them. Do you have what it takes to be a Visual Studio All Star?

Sharp Words with Microsoft's Erik Meijer

The architect for the Microsoft SQL Server Group is interviewed about the various research Sharp languages and their impact on future software development and programming.

Look Sharp

How C#, F# and other experimental programming languages are driving next-generation development.

Lattix LDM Tracks Your Architecture

Lattix LDM 3.0 solution goes beyond Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagramming.

Drilldown on WSE 3.0

Take advantage of WSE 3.0 to set up Web service authentication with a username and password using only one server certificate.

Build Geographic Mashups

Take advantage of Microsoft Virtual Earth to build a popular new Internet application type: the mashup.

Architect of the SOA Stack

Oracle's chief middleware architect opens up about Service-Oriented Architecture.

Implement Custom Generic Collections

Take advantage of custom generic collections to manipulate data more easily in real-world applications.

Simplify Programmatic File Access

Access files in different locations using the same code, whether the files reside on a file server, a Web server, or an FTP server.

DeskSimplify Programmatic File Access

Access files in different locations using the same code, whether the files reside on a file server, a Web server, or an FTP server.

Obfuscation: Protecting the Source

How to protect your source code from reverse engineering.

Are Security Threats More Significant Today?

It's hard to escape that perception that the computing networks face an ever-expanding number of threats, as well as a significantly higher level of potential risk.

Simplify Authentication With WSE 3.0

Web Service Extensions 3.0 enables you to take advantage of new turnkey scenarios to provide more robust and easier-to-use authentication mechanisms in your Web services.

Developer Directness Improves Quality

VSM's readers and authors are notorious for their (often brutal) honesty; we rely on this constructive criticism to provide you with a better magazine.

Office 2007 Toolset Targets Visual Studio Professional Developers

VSTO 2005 SE, allows developers to create application-level add-in solutions for Office 2007 applications.

Enhance VSTS Development

Check out these tips to help simplify and enhance your development with Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server.

Chart FX Extensions Pack, More

Learn what's new in the third-party community for Visual Studio and its related tools.

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