Expand Web Apps With SODA and WCF

Simplify and augment SCM-style apps using SODA, SQL Server 2005, and Windows Communication Foundation.

C++ Update in the Works

Major refresh coming for C++ programming language.

New Research Rates Dynamic Languages

Research firm eyeballs what’s hot in dynamic languages.

RIA Platform Provider Curl Partners with Sonata

RIA platform vendor forms new partnership, aims at U.S. market.

WPF Goes to Work

Windows Presentation Foundation has been greatly underserved by Microsoft’s emphasis on glitz and glamour; learn how to take advantage of WPF in your everyday Windows business apps.

Simplify Background Threads

It requires a lot of plumbing to create, manage, and communicate with background threads. The System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker class already contains the functionality you need to follow best practices.

Serialize Data to the Clipboard

Learn how to copy all the custom data formats in objects to the clipboard and determine which ones are appropriate when you paste.

VS Beta 2: Bug Fixes, Final Features, Polish and Shine

Microsoft's flagship IDE should ship by December.

Integrate Windows Apps With Oracle

Publish a PL/SQL procedure in Oracle as a Web service and consume it from a Web service client in WCF.

Silverlight for Developers

Microsoft's lightweight platform for developing rich Internet apps.

Utilize Constraints in Custom Generic Classes

Learn how constraints work when creating custom generic classes; display the VB splash screen for an extended period of time; and preserve Handles clauses when you cut-and-paste them.

Write Code for a Multithreaded World

Multithreaded programming is difficult because context switches can happen any time. Here are a few techniques to mitigate the chance of failure.

Third-Party Perils

Analyst, firms warn that outsourcing development poses risk to intellectual property.

Mad Libbing the Microsoft Way

If you're a Visual Studio developer, you're now a [fill in the blank] developer. The way Microsoft has updated this line over time says a lot about the versatility of its core tools and development platform.

VB Does VB

Get the latest downloads.

Infragistics' NetAdvantage for ASP.NET: AJAX-Enable Web Sites

Ken Cox reviews Infragistics suite of more than 30 controls for building AJAX-enabled ASP.NET Web applications, including grid, chart, toolbar, menu, editors, data entry, and scheduling controls.

Implement Expandable Menus

Learn how to create expandable menus such as you find in Office; handle mouse up/down events properly; and create a custom toolstrip button.

Microsoft Partnering With GigaSpaces

Microsoft Corp. has partnered with Israel-based GigaSpaces Technologies Ltd. to bundle the vendor's extreme transaction processing middleware with a Microsoft front-end and enterprise grid. The agreement is on the heels of GigaSpaces' announcement of version 6.0 of its flagship data grid and caching platform, expected in September.

Windows Workflow Foundation

Should you code your business logic or use a workflow model?

Ties that Bind

Tech-Ed 2007: Microsoft calls for agile, business-focused IT through tighter links between development and operations.

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