Infragistics' NetAdvantage for ASP.NET: AJAX-Enable Web Sites

Ken Cox reviews Infragistics suite of more than 30 controls for building AJAX-enabled ASP.NET Web applications, including grid, chart, toolbar, menu, editors, data entry, and scheduling controls.

VB Does VB

Get the latest downloads.

Implement Expandable Menus

Learn how to create expandable menus such as you find in Office; handle mouse up/down events properly; and create a custom toolstrip button.

Mad Libbing the Microsoft Way

If you're a Visual Studio developer, you're now a [fill in the blank] developer. The way Microsoft has updated this line over time says a lot about the versatility of its core tools and development platform.

Microsoft Partnering With GigaSpaces

Microsoft Corp. has partnered with Israel-based GigaSpaces Technologies Ltd. to bundle the vendor's extreme transaction processing middleware with a Microsoft front-end and enterprise grid. The agreement is on the heels of GigaSpaces' announcement of version 6.0 of its flagship data grid and caching platform, expected in September.

Ties that Bind

Tech-Ed 2007: Microsoft calls for agile, business-focused IT through tighter links between development and operations.

Windows Workflow Foundation

Should you code your business logic or use a workflow model?

Open Sourcing Online ID Management

Redmond teams up with open source community to create an interoperable architecture for identity protection.

Tools Vendors Return to Native

CodeGear and Microsoft please native programmers with plans to improve C++ portfolios and continue to develop native code options.

Gauntlet: Dive Deeply Into the Build Process

Keep track of build histories with this robust ALM tool that provides continuous integration and code coverage for agile software development.

Shine a (Silver)Light on Me

So you think you've got a handle on Orcas and .NET 3.0/3.5? Brace yourself as Microsoft casts everything in a new (Silver)light.

Whip WPF Snippets Into Shape

Learn how to work around some ugly behavior in WPF when relying on the provided code snippets; change the output of provided WPF snippets; resolve dependency issues in Windows Workflow; and more.

XAML: Rethink How You Code UIs

XAML (and WPF and WF) promise to change how we program. But before you can put it to use, you need a firm understanding of what this technology is and what its strengths are.

Fuzzing Fundmentals

Secure your software with fuzz testing.

Put the 'Smart' in Smart Client

Building applications for multiple platforms requires more consideration from developers than ever before. Find out how to make your apps 'smarter.'

Reduce Lines of Code With C# 3.0

You already know what those new features in C# 3.0 are doing because you do these same things in C# 2.0. Learn how C# 3.0 can reduce coding lines and improve readability by walking through a reverse migration.

Write Robust Exception-Handling Code

Thrown exceptions break the normal flow of execution in a program to report error conditions. A few simple techniques can help you preserve execution flow and give users and administrators the information they need to understand what went wrong.

All About LINQ

Integrating data queries into VB and C#

NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2007

This comprehensive suite of Windows Forms controls for .NET applications features external style support, and faithful reproduction of Microsoft's UI.

Thinking Outside the VS Box

Editor in chief Patrick Meader explains why the magazine (generally) forbids discussion of third-party products, while allowing authors to discuss non-Visual Studio-specific tools from Microsoft.

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