Choose Between Methods and Properties

Language features aren't good or bad. The choice of language feature depends on what you're doing. In this issue, we dive into the methods vs. properties debate.

Generate Web Sites Automatically

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1's new ASP.NET Dynamic Data templates automatically generate code for DataGrid, ListView, DetailsView, and FormView display and editing controls on dynamic pages derived from a master page and CSS stylesheet. Dynamic Data leverages AJAX to smooth page transitions and delivers scaffolding for codeless, key-based page routing with Entity Framework or LINQ to SQL object/relational mapping tools.

Customize Your Application Startup

Customize your application startup screen and add log-in functionality; learn how to view derived types in your projects; check for improper GUIDs; and drill down on extension methods.

Coverity Prevent for C#, JNBridgePro 4.0, and XMLSpy Version 2008 Release 2

A rundown of some new releases.

Inside Arrays

Drill down on how arrays work and learn some cool tips and tricks for taking advantage of them in .NET.

Return Double Values in Excel

Learn how to work around a couple bugs in Excel to return double values; drill down on lists with anonymous types; and learn the difference between Build and Rebuild.

Jazz Gets Visual Studio Support

IBM Corp.'s Rational Software unit is set to release version 1.0 of Team Concert, the commercial client to the company's Jazz collaborative software development environment.

.NET and Java Grow Organically

Mixed .NET and Java application deployment platforms promote new interoperability initiatives.

To Parse or Not To Parse

How to live a C++ life in an XML world.

IBM Rational's Big-Band Jazz Release

IBM's Rational Software division today unveiled 20 new commercial products based on its Jazz collaboration platform and opened up the Jazz community to all interested parties.

Make Your Types Report Their State

You probably write a lot of code to test object state. A better approach might be to make your objects report their own state.

Test Your .NET 3.5 Apps

Take advantage of the tools built into VS.NET 2008 to automate testing your application logic. Also, learn how to design your applications so you can take advantage of unit testing and test-driven development methodologies.

A Mort by Any Other Name …

A take on one reason why VB is getting overlooked.

Codejock Adds XAML Support to Component Suite

Codejock Technologies offers improved toolkits to Visual C++ and ActiveX developers.

Readers Weigh in: VB Is Least Among Equals

Your comments on whether Microsoft really does treat VB like a second-class language.

Building Bridges

Codemesh bridges the Java-to-.NET gap at Deutsche Post.

Create Custom Constraints

Learn how to construct a generic class that mandates behavior from type parameters that aren't expressible in the standard constraint types.

New MFC Library

Modernize the look of your native Windows apps.

Manipulate Data in the Cloud with ADO.NET

ADO.NET Data Services (formerly code-named "Project Astoria") delivers data from relational tables and Windows Live services to Web mashups and Visual Studio 2008 projects, including ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight 2.0 rich Internet applications, as Representational State Transfer (REST) resources over HTTP in response to URI-based requests or LINQ to REST queries.

Least Among Equals

Is VB treated poorly compared to C#? Readers weigh in.

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