Chart FX Extensions Pack, More

Learn what's new in the third-party community for Visual Studio and its related tools.

Surf's Up for Microsoft's Next Software Wave

Microsoft announced milestones for several key technologies, including Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office System, the .NET Framework 3.0, Visual Studio Extensions for .NET Framework 3.0, RTM of VSTO 2007, and more.

3 Rational Desktop Tools Begin Beta Test

IBM Rational Software Architect, Functional Tester and Performance Tester begin testing.

Borland Readies Lifecycle Quality Management Bundle

New LQM bundle aims to provide more integration with Windows development platform.

The In-Process Integration Alternative

ESBs or Web services approaches to integration can work well in many enterprises. However, take a look at a middleware alternative that can successfully streamline integration better.

CodeRush 2, More

The latest products for VSM readers.

Manage State With The State Pattern

A site's VirtualPathManager acts as a dispatcher for requests. In addition to invoking your VirtualFile objects, the path manager can also pass requests to the default ASP.NET path manager.

Borland Brings Back Turbo

Borland brings back Turbo with its announcement of four new products: Turbo C++, Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, and Turbo C#.

Learn to Read a Data Model

Data models provide important insights into your company's business. Learn how to read one, as well as some tips for creating strong data models of your own.

ActiveReports for .NET 3.0, More

Third-party tools can rock your world; check out a range of offerings here, from report writers, to editors and imaging toolkits. There's something here for everyone.

Deploy Supporting Files as Part of Your VSTS Unit Tests

It can be complicated to move configuration files in a post-build event with Visual Studio Team System. You can make things easier with one of two options.

Automate Your Build Process

Team Foundation Build provides an integrated solution for performing automated builds, testing, and reporting build results.

Customize the "Bug" Work Item Template

Learn how to customize the work item template for a bug to specify that only Testers can change the status to Closed.

Streamline TFS Permissions Management

Use a Windows User Group to manage permissions across the Team Project, the project's SharePoint Portal, and its SQL Server Reporting Services site.

Using Development Methodologies With TFS

Using Team Foundation Server and the methodologies it supports can greatly improve the software development experience and lead to successful projects with repeatable processes.

Don't Neglect Your Skills

A reader explains that job market forces often force developers to opt for the latest and greatest, rather than tried and tested; another reader explains why he voted for no products in the most recent Readers Choice Awards survey.

Managing a Project With Visual Studio Team System

Visual Studio Team System's many tools provide a wealth of information on the health and progress of a project.

ADX Extensions for Outlook, More

Graphical imaging tools and components are the theme in July's look at recent releases for VB and .NET developers.

Better Version Control With TFVC

Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) offers more granular security, better centralization, robust auditing and reporting, and more.

Overcome Common Threading Problems

Create a class that addresses common threading problems and overcome cross-thread calling and resource protection issues.

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