Reduce Lines of Code With C# 3.0

You already know what those new features in C# 3.0 are doing because you do these same things in C# 2.0. Learn how C# 3.0 can reduce coding lines and improve readability by walking through a reverse migration.

Write Robust Exception-Handling Code

Thrown exceptions break the normal flow of execution in a program to report error conditions. A few simple techniques can help you preserve execution flow and give users and administrators the information they need to understand what went wrong.

All About LINQ

Integrating data queries into VB and C#

NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2007

This comprehensive suite of Windows Forms controls for .NET applications features external style support, and faithful reproduction of Microsoft's UI.

Use Enums Across Assembly Boundaries

Call a combo box across assembly boundaries with generics and enums; add contact information with Assembly Information; and drill down on FxCop spelling rules.

Build Adapters for Reuse

You can save space and even time by compressing your persistent data store. The interesting trick is to provide this functionality by adapting your current algorithms, rather than completely replacing them.

Update Local Data Caches with Sync Services

The Microsoft Synchronization Services 1.0 API for SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition and the new Sync Designer in the Orcas March 2007 CTP team up to generate a local data cache that synchronizes incrementally and bidirectionally with SQL Server Express.

Thinking Outside the VS Box

Editor in chief Patrick Meader explains why the magazine (generally) forbids discussion of third-party products, while allowing authors to discuss non-Visual Studio-specific tools from Microsoft.

Lay Down the Law on Code Rules

It can be intimidating at first, but it helps you in the long run to run your code against a static code analyzer like FxCop; also learn how to use dynamic analysis to test your forms during runtime.

Generics: Move Beyond Collections

Generics can solve many more problems than collections. Use generics to write code once and reuse it more easily.

Planix Tool Takes on Build-and-Test Guesstimates

Planix, from ALTERthought, gives the best- and worst-case time scenarios for agile-development projects.

Developer Support Arrives, But Late

The belated support for Visual Studio 2005 on Windows Vista indicates that the coupling of Microsoft's developer tools and operating systems isn't as tight as it has been?or should be.

Get Down and Glitzy With Gadgets

Add pizzazz to your users' desktops with Windows Gadgets, lightweight desktop applications that provide useful bits of functionality while also bringing fun back to the development process.

Tracking Orcas

The new Visual Studio preview offers functionality with LINQ, AJAX and .NET Framework 3.5.

Ruby Rising

SapphireSteel Software, Microsoft among others, show growing interest in Ruby's relationship to Visual Studio, .NET

It's All in the Cache

There are advantages and disadvantages to today's application-tier caching techniques. Consider your data caching options for improving data-intensive application performance.

Microsoft Delivers VS2005-Vista Fixes

Visual Studio 2005 SP! Update targets Vista developers.

Running on All Cores

The 1-2-3s of threading your apps for Windows.

Micro Framework-WPF/E Debut

Microsoft recently released one software developer kit (SDK) aimed at strengthening its mobile devices message, and just shipped a preview version of a second component of its strategy.

Turbo C# 2006: Create Model Apps With C# Alternative

Check out this alternative IDE for building applications on the .NET Framework using the C# programming language.

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