Inside Functional Programming

Take advantage of functional programming techniques like Filter, Map, and Reduce in your day-to-day business apps.

Convert XPath into LINQ to XML

Learn how to convert XPath statements in XMLNode.SelectNodes expressions to LINQ to XML for better maintainability and performance; also, drill down on the performance implications of using LINQ to XML relative to their XPath against XmlDocument objects counterparts.

New Microsoft Programming Language: 'D'?

All About Microsoft's Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Redmond is working on a new declarative programming language, currently named "D."

Express Yourself with C#'s Query Syntax

Take advantage of the new keywords associated with C# 3.0's query syntax. Learn how these keywords map to methods defined using the query operands, and how you can define your own custom implementation for the query keywords.

Get RAD with ASP.NET Extensions

This month's featured downloads include the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview, Visual Basic 9.0 language specification document and more.

The End of the Language Wars

.NET developers, regardless of whether they use VB or C#, realize that the .NET platform is far more important than the language they choose.

Capture Variables with Closures

Learn to pass anonymous types outside the method in which they're created; take advantage of closures when working with lambda expressions; drilldown on overloading; initialize static fields properly; and see where KeyedCollections improve performance.

C# vs. VB Adoption

Is C# really gaining ground against VB? Readers weigh in.

On-Demand Pioneer

Salesforce.com's Steve Fisher talks about development beyond CRM.

February's New Tools and Apps for Your Toolkit.

A look at: Kaxaml 1.0, SubSonic 2.1, SapphireSteel Software, Subkismet.

Microsoft's F# Functional Language

A functional programming language built for the .NET Framework

Microsoft Releases Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Beta

Microsoft in January released the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack, which extends the VC++ 2008 Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) libraries that shipped with the Visual Studio 2008 IDE.

'Volta': Extending.NET to Multi-Tier Apps

Last month, Redmond released an early build of "Volta," a set of tools for building Web apps that run across multiple tiers.

Creative Commons Introduces CC+ License

The Creative Commons foundation recently released the CC+ protocol, which allows authors and other content makers to release their work for free (under the Creative Commons noncommercial license) and charge a fee for commercial use at the same time.

Trolltech and KDE Team on Multimedia Programming Framework

Open source community projects and commercial software aren't necessarily adversaries. Some interactions have resulted in a positive outcome for all. One such instance is the KDE project's collaboration with Oslo, Norway-based Trolltech. Since 1996, Trolltech's QT toolkit has been used in the KDE Desktop Environment. The collaboration resulted in user-friendly desktops for Unix and Unix-like operating systems (such as Linux).

Microsoft Releases ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview

Nothing has prevented ASP.NET developers from using a model view controller (MVC) architecture. But it's likely to get a lot easier with Microsoft's ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions, which will include the highly anticipated MVC option. The first preview of the technology was released today.

Microsoft Releases Entity Framework Beta 3

Microsoft released Entity Framework Beta 3 on Dec. 6 and officially announced the third-party database vendors and ADO.NET 2.0 data providers that have agreed to support the framework.

VS 2008 Ready this Month

Microsoft set to unveil Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5.

Microsoft Officials Detail Visual Studio 2008 Rollout Plan

In announcing today that it will release to manufacturing Visual Studio 2008 this month, Microsoft is meeting the most optimistic forecasts for when the long anticipated upgrade to its flagship IDE would ship.

Banish UAC Issues

User Account Control (UAC) issues usually result from improperly allowing administrator-level access in your applications. Learn how UAC works and make such problems a thing of the past.

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