Test Your .NET 3.5 Apps

Take advantage of the tools built into VS.NET 2008 to automate testing your application logic. Also, learn how to design your applications so you can take advantage of unit testing and test-driven development methodologies.

A Mort by Any Other Name …

A take on one reason why VB is getting overlooked.

Codejock Adds XAML Support to Component Suite

Codejock Technologies offers improved toolkits to Visual C++ and ActiveX developers.

Readers Weigh in: VB Is Least Among Equals

Your comments on whether Microsoft really does treat VB like a second-class language.

Building Bridges

Codemesh bridges the Java-to-.NET gap at Deutsche Post.

Create Custom Constraints

Learn how to construct a generic class that mandates behavior from type parameters that aren't expressible in the standard constraint types.

New MFC Library

Modernize the look of your native Windows apps.

Manipulate Data in the Cloud with ADO.NET

ADO.NET Data Services (formerly code-named "Project Astoria") delivers data from relational tables and Windows Live services to Web mashups and Visual Studio 2008 projects, including ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight 2.0 rich Internet applications, as Representational State Transfer (REST) resources over HTTP in response to URI-based requests or LINQ to REST queries.

Least Among Equals

Is VB treated poorly compared to C#? Readers weigh in.

Microsoft Plans MSDN Revamp

Microsoft is finally tuning up its Microsoft Developer Network site and promises to resolve long-running frustrations developers have encountered working with it.

The Return of Ada

Last fall, contractor Lockheed Martin delivered an update to the Federal Aviation Administration's next-generation flight data air traffic control system -- ahead of schedule and under budget, which is something you don't often hear about in government circles.

Borland Debuts Silk 2008 Test Suite

The refreshed offerings mark a significant evolution in the Silk family, originally acquired by Borland in the 2006 purchase of Segue Software.

Is VB the Least Among Equals?

VB.NET gets left behind (again), this time by the Windows Live team.

Treat Code as Data

Take advantage of new features in C# 3.0 that let you treat code as data -- and save time over more traditional, imperative approaches to programming.

Mono Project To Release Dev Tool and New Beta

Novell, a sponsor of the open source Mono project, issued an announcement today that a new development tool, called MonoDevelop 1.0, will be available for download at the end of this week.

Inside Functional Programming

Take advantage of functional programming techniques like Filter, Map, and Reduce in your day-to-day business apps.

Convert XPath into LINQ to XML

Learn how to convert XPath statements in XMLNode.SelectNodes expressions to LINQ to XML for better maintainability and performance; also, drill down on the performance implications of using LINQ to XML relative to their XPath against XmlDocument objects counterparts.

New Microsoft Programming Language: 'D'?

All About Microsoft's Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Redmond is working on a new declarative programming language, currently named "D."

Express Yourself with C#'s Query Syntax

Take advantage of the new keywords associated with C# 3.0's query syntax. Learn how these keywords map to methods defined using the query operands, and how you can define your own custom implementation for the query keywords.

Get RAD with ASP.NET Extensions

This month's featured downloads include the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview, Visual Basic 9.0 language specification document and more.

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