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A Data Binding Primer

Data binding is central to Windows Phone Development. Here's a refresher for old pros, and an introduction for newbies.

Getting Started with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Set up and use create a simple Windows Phone program that connects to Azure Mobile Services.

Animating Windows Phone Listbox Items

Adding visual states and animation to your Listboxes can juice up your Windows Phone app.

Multiple Item Templates in Windows Phone

How to use a template selector to dynamically select which item template to use for each list item.

Better Windows Phone Web Browsing

Learn how to automate the WebBrowser control to display and customize the way Web content appears in your Windows Phone application.

Disabling Design Time Data in a Windows Phone Application

How to disable Expression Blend design time data at runtime.

Working with Design and Runtime Data for Windows Phone

In part one of this series, Nick Randolph discusses the use of Expression Blend design-time data in Windows Phone applications.

Mapping and Location in Windows Phone

Using Windows Phone's Map control and displaying multiple points using data binding.

Working with Location in Windows Phone

When most people think of location, they assume this information comes from a GPS module. While this is true, Windows Phone also has support for determining location based on cell tower location and WiFi networks.

Roaming Options for User Settings in Windows Phone Applications

Integrating with SkyDrive can help your Windows Phone application save a user's settings to the cloud, and retrieve them across multiple devices and platforms.

Storing Windows Phone User Settings

Persisting user settings in Windows Phone is something every mobile developer needs to know how to do. Nick Randolph walks you through the process.

Page Navigation with Windows Phone and Windows 8

Nick Randolph continues to look at building applications across both Windows Phone and Windows 8, this time focusing on the navigation model.

Converting Windows Phone to Windows 8

Migrating a photo-sharing Windows Phone application to run under Windows 8.

Working with ListBoxes in a Windows Phone Application

By overriding templates, you can modify the look and feel of the ListBox without changing the underlying behavior.

Working with the Windows Phone Application Bar

Nick Randolph shows how to create and work with the Application Bar in your Windows Phone application.

Analyzing the Windows Phone Upgrades

What does the recent Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh and associated Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 update mean for developers?

Dark and Light Themes in a Windows Phone Application

By creating a UI that works well with both dark and light themes, your Windows Phone applications will stand out.

UriMapper in Windows Phone

Nick Randolph looks at how you can use a UriMapper to help structure your Windows Phone application.

10 Reasons to Upgrade to the Windows Phone SDK 7.1

Why you should update your apps to target the "Mango" software development kit.

Search Extensibility in Windows Phone 7

How to integrate your Windows Phone 7 application into the search experience.

Understanding LINQ to SQL on Windows Phone 7.5

The "Mango" update to Windows Phone 7 includes LINQ to SQL abilities. Use them while building a movie review app.

Windows Phone 7 Data Binding with Templates

Using Windows Phone 7 data binding to create customized lists.

Windows Phone 7 Orientation Primer

Nick Randolph walks through how to define, change and work with orientation within your Windows Phone application.

Changing Page Layout Using Visual States

Nick Randolph walks through how to use visual states to dynamically change the layout of pages in your Windows Phone application.

Display Loading Progress Using Data Binding

Mobile Corner columnist Nick Randolph walks through how to use data binding to automatically display a progress bar when loading data in Windows Phone 7.

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