Spotlight: Vishwas Lele on Getting Started with Azure Development

Lele shares his take on Azure development and how other .NET devs might want to get started.

Microsoft Has a Good Q3

Four of five groups show a profit, with the Entertainment and Devices Division the lone money-loser.

Report: Microsoft to Release New Versions of Office, SharePoint in 2013

The products are part of a raft of new releases that also include Exchange, Project and Visio.

It's Official: 'Windows 8' is Windows 8

Only three editions for Windows 8 on traditional devices.

Visual Studio 11 Is Microsoft's ALM Brand

When Microsoft talks about application lifecycle management (ALM), it's always in the context of its Visual Studio IDE, especially with Visual Studio 11.

The Evolving Definition of 'Big Data'

While there's lots of talk about big data these days (a lot of talk), there currently is no good, authoritative definition of big data, according to Microsoft Regional Director Andrew Brust.

Windows Azure Goes Coast-To-Coast

The new datacenters currently support Azure Compute and Storage services.

Visual Studio Live! Keynote Wrap-Up: Cloud Build, ASP.NET Open Source, Natural UI

If you didn't make it to the show, here are some highlights from the event's keynote presentations.

SQL Server 2012 Reaches General Availability

Microsoft TechNet and MSDN subscribers only have access to the Evaluation edition; or they can purchase the product.

Live from Visual Studio Live!: Multitouch Is Cheap, Easy and In Your Future

It may not happen tomorrow, but sooner or later you're going to find yourself writing multitouch, gesture- and audio-input-based applications.

Live from Visual Studio Live!: Microsoft Opens Development of ASP.NET Projects

Scott Hanselman, senior program manager in Microsoft's Developer Division, said that the decision wasn't really about open source: "This is about open development."

Live from Visual Studio Live!: Microsoft Announces Cloud Build, Previews Visual Studio 11 Features

Microsoft today unveiled a new cloud-based build service for its upcoming hosted Team Foundation Service.

No Fooling: SQL Server Prices Set for a Jump on April 1

Microsoft moved to the cores pricing model largely to match its competition and customer demands.

Microsoft Set Release Windows 8 This Fall

Microsoft has refused to comment on the report that Windows 8 will be out in October.

Windows 8 May Spur PC Sales in 2013

Windows 8, combined with a rise in ultrabook sales, lead the reasons for optimism.

Non-Microsoft Browsers for Windows 8 in Development

Firefox, Google browsers on the way; Opera under consideration.

New Microsoft Tool Locates and Manages PowerShell Scripts

The test version of Script Explorer is designed to help IT managers find code across local and online repositories.

Microsoft Releases Embedded Version of Windows 8 for CTP

The embedded version is specially designed to support handheld devices for industrial use, electronic signs and kiosks, among other mobile device uses.

SQL Server Hits Release Milestone

"General availability" for SQL Server 2012 is scheduled for April 1.

Sonatype Repository Now Supports the .NET Framework

Sonatype Nexus Professional 2.0 allows development teams to store and access .NET components packaged with NuGet, the Visual Studio 2010 extension.

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