Update 3 of Visual Studio 2012 Released

The latest update includes mostly bug fixes.

MongoDB Moves to the Head of the NoSQL Line

MongoDB is a popular choice for apps that use a Windows Azure back end.

Microsoft Merges Two Windows Store Development Blogs

The upcoming Build conference spurred the action.

Windows Store Partner Directory Offers App Services

It's a centralized hub for partners (including Microsoft) that extend apps.

Microsoft Backs Out of Nokia Deal

Microsoft reportedly thought the purchase price was too high.

Microsoft Releases TypeScript 0.9

The big update in the latest version is the introduction of generics.

NuGet Package Restore Workaround

Microsoft provides a solution for compatibility issues with the NuGet package restore feature.

Windows Azure Gets Major Update to Mobile Services

Microsoft also announces that every Azure customer gets a free 20MB database to use for a year with Web Sites and Mobile Services.

Test and Debug HTML5 Apps Remotely on Windows Phone 8 Devices

The JavaScript-based platform allows developers to do remote testing and debugging on a Windows Phone through Internet Explorer 10.

Telerik Releases DevCraft Q2 2013

Updated dev tools bundle focuses on touch, enterprise and enabling "occasionally connected" devices.

Microsoft: Newer Versions of Visual Studio Can Load Older Projects

The company calls this ability "round-tripping," and says that Visual Studio 2013 will be able to load projects as far back as Visual Studio 2010.

Windows 8.1 Improvements Demoed

At Computex, Microsoft also showed off a growing number of devices for its newest OS.

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 2013, Team Foundation Server 2013

At TechEd, Microsoft reveals the next release of Visual Studio will be available later this year.

Typemock Releases Isolator 7.4

The new version of the .NET-focused unit-testing product aims to quickly find and fix bugs.

Microsoft Dramatically Lowers Azure Pricing for Developers

MSDN subscribers get a host of new benefits as well, including credit toward Azure time, making cloud-based development free in some cases.

Microsoft Re-introduces the Start Button

Other changes in the forthcoming Windows 8.1 include a boot-to-desktop option and improved search.

Microsoft Releases Next Iteration of Visual Studio 2012 , Update 3

The latest version is Release Candidate (RC) 2, and Microsoft says it's safe for production use.

Telerik Updates Icenium

New release brings simplified cloud back-end capabilities.

Bigger Data Comes to Windows

The Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows works with Microsoft's Windows Azure HDInsight Service.

Rackspace Cloud SDK for .NET Released

Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft .NET is a tool suite for .NET developers working with the OpenStack cloud OS.

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