Microsoft is Confident Devs Will Embrace Windows 8

Gartner predictions are at odds with others who think the new platform will win converts.

Windows Phone 8 Unveiled

Microsoft says that more than 120,000 apps are available for the phone at launch.

New Tool Integrates Cloud for Building Mobile Applications

Telerik Releases "Icenium", targeted at iOS/Android devs who don't want to run multiple development environments and SDKs.

Microsoft Kicks Off New Era With Unveiling of Windows 8

The company also takes the wraps off of Surface, the first full computer it's ever created.

Study Doubts Windows 8's Ability to Reverse Market Slide

Forrester sees PC dominance continuing, but is skeptical of its chances in the mobile device market.

Microsoft: Surface Tablet Stacks up With iPad

Microsoft execs took questions during a Reddit chat.

LINQing .NET and Hadoop

A new, free tool from JNBridge connects .NET developers with HBase, the database for Hadoop.

Visual Studio 2012: More Than Just Windows 8 Development

Microsoft has three goals for the latest iteration of its flagship IDE.

Ballmer Says Microsoft Is No Longer Just Software

Q1 2013 financial results coming on Oct. 18.

Visual Studio 2012 Update Coming in November

Update 1 is part of Microsoft’s new strategy of offering "continuous value" on a quarterly basis, in addition to Service Packs. The company released the final CTP on Monday.

Microsoft Finds Developer Evangelist Replacement

Steven Guggenheimer takes over for Abu-Hadba, who's leaving the company.

Microsoft's TypeScript Enables JavaScript App Scaling

TypeScript has been released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Visual Studio 2012 and Live! 360

Get a preview of the upcoming conference in this issue.

Write Windows 8 Apps in Native Java

Developers use Codename One to create all components from scratch, instead of using native widgets, to avoid fragmentation.

Visual Studio 2012 Launch Highlights Tools for Modern Apps

With more than 600,000 downloads of Visual Studio 2012 in a less than 4 weeks, the new IDE has the fastest download rate in the product's history.

Microsoft Rolls Out Mobile Cloud Services for Windows 8 Developers

The first public preview of Windows Azure Mobile Services is designed to provide an on-ramp for Windows 8 developers who want to build connected applications--without the learning curve.

Developers Take Issue With Windows Phone 8 SDK Releases

Unhappiness with "limited" release of preview SDK, and withholding of final SDK until the phone ships.

Developer-Friendly Windows Server 2012 Released

Initial hardware partners include Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM and NEC.

Windows 7 Overtakes Windows XP in Popularity

Windows 8 cracks the Top 10, thanks to its preview versions.

SharePoint 2013 Changes with the Times

It's not clear when the service will be rolled out as a final release.

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