New Deal Allows SQL to Run in Amazon Cloud

Microsoft and Amazon have agreed on a deal that will allow cheap use of Amazon's cloud resources for SQL Server 2012, formerly code-named "Denali."

Microsoft's Tablet/PC Gambit

Will Microsoft suffer -- among users and developers alike -- for trying to have it both ways with Windows 8?

Windows Phone 7 Update Pushed out Globally

The "Mango" upgrade to Windows Phone 7 is being pushed out through mobile carriers.

Desktop Revolution: Windows 8 Metro Goes Radical

The new user interface is a clean break from the past.

'Denali' Makes Way for 'SQL Server 2012'

Microsoft's next-generation database is expected in first half of 2012.

Microsoft to Release 'Critical' Fixes for .NET Framework, Silverlight and IE

The fixes are part of an eight-release "Patch Tuesday" event next week.

'Mango' Update for Windows Phone 7 Begins Rolling Out

Microsoft announced it is now distributing Windows Phone 7.5, code-named "Mango," worldwide to mobile service providers.

Microsoft Preps 'Mango' Update for Release

The imminent release marks the first major update of the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Report: Windows Phone 7 Consumer Interest on the Rise

Connected Intelligence, a New York-based analytic group that studies the consumer handheld market, has released findings that shows 44 percent of current smartphone users are considering buying a Windows Phone 7 device in the future.

Build Keynote Day 2: Developers Take Center Stage

Scott Guthrie and Jason Zander, corporate vice presidents of, respectively, Microsoft's Server and Tools Business and the Visual Studio Team, today headlined some significant developer focused improvements in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview.

Windows 8 Shines at Build Keynote

Metro-style apps, HTML 5, XAML and Visual Studio 11 are all in your future.

Windows 8 Tablets Handed Out to Developers at Build

Those in attendance at Microsoft's Build conference, currently going on in Anaheim, Calif., will be going home with one of 5,000 Windows 8 Tablets by Samsung.

UPDATED: Windows 8 Dev Preview Now Available for Download

The Windows 8 Developer Preview is now live.

Microsoft Unveils 'Reimagined' Windows 8 at Build Event

At its Build development conference in Anaheim, Calif., this week, Microsoft has pulled back the curtain on its new operating system, code-named "Windows 8."

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' Apps Now Accepted for Certification by Microsoft

Microsoft has cleared perhaps the last hurdle in its race to release "Mango", the first major update for Windows Phone 7, by announcing it is now accepting app submissions.

Windows 8 Sneak Peek

The makeup of teams working on Windows 8 provides some clues to the OS's functions.

Agile Management Suite Grows Up

Agile management tools are maturing as the market defines its needs.

Survey Reveals Shifting Cloud Attitudes

Developers increasingly prefer cloud-based development tooling.

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' Update Released to Device Makers

The July release of Windows Phone 7 'Mango' enables device makers to start testing and working with the new operating system. Current smartphone customers can expect Mango updates to be made available in the fall.

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011

Microsoft today announced the release of Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011, a self-service development tool for power users and developers that enables data-driven .NET applications that can be deployed to the desktop, Web or Azure cloud.

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