Windows Tablet Sales Expected to Lag iPad, Android

Poor marketing, distribution partially blamed for slow uptake.

Microsoft Performs the Most Licensing Audits

A study found that 64 percent of enterprises were audited, or had a license review, over the past 18 months to 24 months.

Microsoft Loses Top C # Developer

Eric Lippert was a key part of the Roslyn compiler-as-a-service project.

Windows Phone 7 Update Coming Next Year

Also expected in the same timeframe is the first update for Windows Phone 8, codenamed "Apollo+".

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2012 Update 1

Should you wait for Service Pack 1? The new Update model is replacing Service Packs, according to Microsoft.

Infragistics' Windows 8 UI Tools Get a Running Start

NetAdvantage for Windows UI offers XAML and HTML/jQuery controls to Windows 8 developers.

IE 10 Preview for Windows 7 Released

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 has taken a great leap forward after many months in which the company reported little about its progress.

Guthrie To Keynote Windows Azure Conference

Microsoft's Windows Azure announcements this week are setting the stage for a Windows Azure Conference on Wednesday, Nov. 14, for app developers.

Windows Chief Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft

Microsoft announced the departure of Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live divisions, late on Monday.

SQL Server 2012 Gets First Service Pack

Upgrades include improved business intelligence capabilities, Reporting Services support for SharePoint.

Team Foundation Services Officially Available

The collaboration tool had been in preview mode for a year.

Build 2012: Windows 8 Opportunity Mobilizes Developers

Microsoft released the Windows Phone 8 developer tools on Tuesday as the company welcomed developers to its Redmond campus to dive deeper into its Windows 8 development platforms.

New Version of .NET Framework, SDK for Windows Phone 8 Released

Upgrades to the development suite include CoreCLR and async programming.

Microsoft is Confident Devs Will Embrace Windows 8

Gartner predictions are at odds with others who think the new platform will win converts.

Windows Phone 8 Unveiled

Microsoft says that more than 120,000 apps are available for the phone at launch.

New Tool Integrates Cloud for Building Mobile Applications

Telerik Releases "Icenium", targeted at iOS/Android devs who don't want to run multiple development environments and SDKs.

Microsoft Kicks Off New Era With Unveiling of Windows 8

The company also takes the wraps off of Surface, the first full computer it's ever created.

Study Doubts Windows 8's Ability to Reverse Market Slide

Forrester sees PC dominance continuing, but is skeptical of its chances in the mobile device market.

Microsoft: Surface Tablet Stacks up With iPad

Microsoft execs took questions during a Reddit chat.

LINQing .NET and Hadoop

A new, free tool from JNBridge connects .NET developers with HBase, the database for Hadoop.

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