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Crystal Reports vs. SQL Server Reporting Services

If you're trying to decide whether to use Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services with ASP.NET, you can rest assured that there is no bad choice.

Extending the ListView

Peter moves beyond the basics of setting up a ListView to add databound controls, control headers and footers and turn on updating.

Working with the ListView

The ListView is the most powerful of the DataView controls and the hardest to work with. Here's how to minimize the pain while getting all the benefits.

Integrating AJAX and a Client-Side Grid in ASP.NET MVC

Peter completes his series on integrating AJAX and a client-side control by implementing it in ASP.NET MVC. And he draws some conclusions on client-side development in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and in the world at large.

JavaScript Controls with WCF and ASP.NET

Peter moves ahead with integrating a sophisticated client-side JavaScript control but this time, he's using WCF to implement his Web services. Along the way, though, he gets ASMX services to work.

Updating Rows with a Client-side Grid

Peter continues exploring incorporating client-side JavaScript controls into ASP.NET applications -- and runs into what appears to be a brick wall when he tries to implement updates.

Working With a Client-Side AJAX Control

If you're going to work with AJAX you should be, at least, considering using "pure" client-side code to create your UI. Peter looks at a popular (and free) JavaScript grid.

No More Drive-By Debugging

Peter Vogel abandons ASP.NET (mostly) to discuss how to better debug programs.

Microsoft Contributes New Technology to jQuery

Microsoft and the jQuery team's announcements about the new data-driven plugins for jQuery have Peter all excited. He describes the plugins and what he's going to be doing with them in upcoming columns.

More on Adding Controls Dynamically

Peter returns to last week's topic to go beyond the basics of how to add controls to a page to fully integrate it into your Page's lifecycle.

Dynamically Add Controls at Runtime

There are, at least, six ways to have controls magically appear on a page at runtime. Just don't add it directly to the Page.

Moving the Web.Config to Production in ASP.NET 4.0

Microsoft has another solution for managing your Web.config file as you move your site to production. And, no matter what the name of this feature suggests, you don't have to learn XSLT to use it.

Test Driven Development in ASP.NET MVC

Peter Vogel raises some interesting questions that address one of the major benefits of ASP.NET MVC: Test Driven Development.

ASP.NET Processing in ASP.NET MVC

Peter Vogel wraps up his series on ASP.NET MVC, for now, by mapping some typical ASP.NET tasks to ASP.NET MVC.

Managing Models in ASP.NET MVC

Peter Vogel looks at the least important component of the ASP.NET MVC, the Model, and goes on to discuss a strategy for integrating the model, the controller and the view.

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