New Microsoft Programming Language: 'D'?

All About Microsoft's Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Redmond is working on a new declarative programming language, currently named "D."

The End of the Language Wars

.NET developers, regardless of whether they use VB or C#, realize that the .NET platform is far more important than the language they choose.

Get RAD with ASP.NET Extensions

This month's featured downloads include the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview, Visual Basic 9.0 language specification document and more.

Good Luck, Mr. Gates

Looking ahead to Bill's departure later this year.

Capture Variables with Closures

Learn to pass anonymous types outside the method in which they're created; take advantage of closures when working with lambda expressions; drilldown on overloading; initialize static fields properly; and see where KeyedCollections improve performance.

C# vs. VB Adoption

Is C# really gaining ground against VB? Readers weigh in.

Microsoft Releases VS 2008 Web Deployment Projects RTW

On Friday, Microsoft's Visual Web Developer Team announced through its blog that Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Projects is now available for download.

Are You Safer Now?

Virus detectors can detect more than just bugs -- Karl encounters one such system set off by his code, and shares how he worked around it.

Managing Change with Team Foundation Server

Jeff walks you through best practices when using Team System.

'Volta': Extending.NET to Multi-Tier Apps

Last month, Redmond released an early build of "Volta," a set of tools for building Web apps that run across multiple tiers.

ASP.NET on Rails, Finally

ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions brings Ruby on Rails’ functionality to ASP.NET.

Microsoft Releases Entity Framework Beta 3

Microsoft released Entity Framework Beta 3 on Dec. 6 and officially announced the third-party database vendors and ADO.NET 2.0 data providers that have agreed to support the framework.

Microsoft PDC Is Back On

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference is back on the roster for October 2008 in L.A.

Microsoft Sparks Volta Test For Multi-Tier App Dev

Volta toolset, used with Visual Studio 2008, promises easier deployment of apps beyond the .NET world.

VB Statement Against Vista

VB survived Vista nearly intact, with the glaring exception of one statement. Learn what your options with SendKeys are.

New Features in TFS 2008

Jeff walks you through the best of what's new in Team Foundation Server 2008, starting with the many helpful additions to Version Control.

Microsoft Officials Detail Visual Studio 2008 Rollout Plan

In announcing today that it will release to manufacturing Visual Studio 2008 this month, Microsoft is meeting the most optimistic forecasts for when the long anticipated upgrade to its flagship IDE would ship.

Optimize LINQ to SQL Performance

Persisting business objects to SQL Server 2005 or later with object/relational mapping with LINQ to SQL can exact a performance penalty. Learn how to take maximum advantage of LINQ's strongly typed query capabilities without overtaxing the database server or losing front-end agility.

Developers Respond to .NET Source Release

Developers sound off on the release of .NET Framework source code

Banish UAC Issues

User Account Control (UAC) issues usually result from improperly allowing administrator-level access in your applications. Learn how UAC works and make such problems a thing of the past.

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