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Microsoft's Guthrie Touts Silverlight 3 Beta's Database Access Features

In his keynote at MIX09, Microsoft's Scott Guthrie pointed to many new features for data-oriented applications in Silverlight 3.

User Controls as Objects

ASP.NET developers don't fully exploit User Controls -- until they start thinking of them as "User Interface" objects.

Microsoft Rolls Out New Commerce Server

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the release of its latest e-commerce server, which integrates with SharePoint services.

Microsoft Releases Silverlight 3 Beta with Key New Features

Microsoft today released the beta of its Silverlight 3 rich interactive media runtime and development environment.

Microsoft Reveals Strategy for Mobile Developers

In a bid to entice application providers to build and distribute their wares on the recently announced Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Microsoft today revealed plans to offer tooling and guidance on its developer portal.

Create a Reporting Dashboard with WebPartZones (But Without WebParts)

All you need to let your users customize their Web pages is the ability to create UserControls.

Inside the TFS Databases (An Occasional Series)

Get to know the ins and outs of TfsWorkItemTracking in the first part of this series covering the most useful aspects of the TFS database.

RC2 of ASP.NET MVC Released

Microsoft this week unexpectedly issued a second release candidate of its ASP.NET Model View Controller, the company's a design pattern for test-driven development of enterprise-scale Web applications.

Displaying and Updating Dynamic DataBound Columns with ObjectDataSource

Peter continues his series on integrating cascading DropDownLists with databound controls. But this time, he looks at what's different when you're using the ObjectDataSource.

Infragistics' New Tools for Picturing Data in Silverlight

Component vendor Infragistics Inc. is releasing Silverlight 2 controls to enable developers to visualize key performance indicators for dashboards, reporting and other data-driven Web applications.

Adobe Says Flex-Based Component Tools Coming, IBM's ILOG Upgrades Elixir Suite

Look for a third-party market of component tools that allow developers to build business applications based on Adobe's Flex rich client programming platform to emerge this year.

Display Multiple Pages in Silverlight

Learn how to display multiple pages in Silverlight and discover the tools and controls that ship with it; track down a bug in a case statement; and take advantage of helpful tips for trying to obtain a clean Code Analysis.

VSLive!: Microsoft's Four Rich Client Platforms

Third-party developers and Microsoft project leaders this week showcased applications developed with Redmond's four rich client technologies: Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Windows 7 Touch and Surface.

Updating Dynamic DataBound Columns with SqlDataSource

Peter continues his series on integrating cascading DropDownLists with databound controls and the SqlDataSource.

Google To Impose Fees for App Engine

Nearly one year after releasing its free cloud-based hosting service for developers of Python-based applications, Google revealed a new fee structure for those making active use of the offering.

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