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Suppressing the Back Button: Just Say No

Peter deals with all the people who want to disable the Back button. First, he tells them to stop asking but (finally) breaks down and suggests a solution.

Google Fixes Bugs in Chrome Frame Affecting IE 8

Google has fixed bugs in Google Chrome Frame, including one that Microsoft called out as a security problem.

Google Chrome OS Released as Open Source Code

Google's previously under-wraps operating system is now available to developers as open source code, the company announced on Thursday.

Interop Vendor Adds Transaction Bridging

Java/.NET interoperability solutions provider JNBridge is adding features to the next release of its core interop tool that will integrate distributed transactions between enterprise Java and .NET platforms.

Dynamic Data Retrieval

You can't always make all of your data retrieval decisions at design time -- sometimes you have to wait for the user to tell you what data to get. Peter shows you how to work with a DataSource to retrieve data dynamically at runtime.

Machine-Readable Web Still a Ways Off

Despite recent initiatives, the possibility of a machine-readable Web extolled by World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee still faces many obstacles, he admitted recently at a conference.

White House Shift to Open Source Draws Mostly Praise

The White House's recent deployment of the Drupal open source content management system for its Web site has created a stir among industry observers.

Dynamically Generate Complex Pages with the MultiView

The MultiView control allows you to swap sets of controls on and off the page. But the MultiView control also makes it easier for you to generate new page content and add it at run time.

Zend Advances PHP and Cloud Effort at ZendCon

Zend Technologies, creator and commercial maintainer of the PHP dynamic scripting language, Wednesday kicked off its ZendCon conference by releasing the first public beta of its Zend Server 5.0 Web-app server.

Oracle Promises Integration of Disparate Wares

With its portfolio bulging with 3,000 disparate products based on 59 acquisitions, Oracle outlined some key updates on its efforts to make them work together at its annual OpenWorld conference.

Supporting a Printer-Friendly Page Button (Part I)

Peter investigates three solutions for getting junk off your page when the user wants to print a copy.

.NET Rx Framework: A Watershed Advance in Asynch Programming

This summer Microsoft quietly released the first key components of its .NET Reactive (Rx) Framework, which allows developers to write Language Integrated Query (LINQ) expressions against events.

Google Finds Way To Bypass Internet Explorer Engine

Google introduced a coding plug-in for Web site developers that instructs Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers to use Google Chrome technologies.

Startup Aims to Bring Flash Back to the Web

FluidHtml is a new markup language that lets Web developers generate Flash on Web sites without running the browser plug-in.

Adobe Acquisition of Omniture Adds Flash to Web Analytics

In a move that raised some eyebrows, Adobe Systems said it will acquire Omniture Inc., a leading supplier of Web analytics technology, for $1.8 billion.

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