Web Development

Supporting Multiple Languages and Cultures

ASP.NET can simplify the difficult task of internationalizing your Web pages. Peter Vogel shows you how.

PHP Cache Accelerator for Windows Unveiled

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a test version of an extension that's designed to help speed up PHP-based Web applications running on Windows platforms.


A reader responds to our August interview with Scott Guthrie, corporate VP of Microsoft's .NET Developer Platform group, about Silverlight 3.

Applying Model-View-View Model in Silverlight

Careful planning can help improve the manageability and quality of your next-generation Silverlight applications.

Microsoft Bridges PHP to ADO.NET Data Services

In its latest bid to show its support for PHP, Microsoft late last week released a toolkit that will bridge the popular scripting language to .NET-based data-driven applications.

Oracle Data Provider for .NET Coming Soon?

Now that Microsoft is discontinuing its Oracle data providers, Oracle is readying an improved release of its own ODP.NET.

IE 8 Gets High Marks for Security in Reports

Microsoft is putting out the word that users of Internet Explorer 6 should upgrade to IE 8, primarily for security and standards-compliance reasons.

Databinding the GridView Without Using a Table

If you want to let your users edit repeated rows of data, you can use the GridView -- even if your data isn't in a table. You need to do pick the right design for your data but you can enable all of the functionality of the GridView for data held in memory.

New Stats Find Dynamic Languages on the Rise by Open Source Developers

Survey shows increased use over past year of JavaScript and PHP and a decline in static languages such as C, C++ and Java.

Extend Sorting in the GridView

Sorting in the GridView is simple to implement, as long as you want simple sorting. For more complex sorts you have to take control of the Sorting event.

Survey: Cloud Dev Efforts on the Rise

The move to the Internet cloud will pick up steam in the next year for developers, according to a new survey from Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Evans Data Corp.

Make Silverlight 3 Application Code More Compatible with Blend

Use the DesignProperties class to prevent code errors in the Blend designer.

2009 Readers Choice Awards

VSM readers honor the best commercial development tools.

XAML Offers Promise

Readers chime in on XAML.

Technology To Think About: .NET RIA Services on the Client

Peter returns to .NET RIA Services to look at the client side of creating an application.

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