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Make Silverlight 3 Application Code More Compatible with Blend

Use the DesignProperties class to prevent code errors in the Blend designer.

2009 Readers Choice Awards

VSM readers honor the best commercial development tools.

XAML Offers Promise

Readers chime in on XAML.

Technology To Think About: .NET RIA Services on the Client

Peter returns to .NET RIA Services to look at the client side of creating an application.

Technology To Think About: .NET RIA Services on the Server

The ASP.NET-related portions of .NET RIA Services aren't ready for primetime yet, but now's a good time to start kicking the tires.

Microsoft Integrates Live@edu With Moodle, Launches Education Labs

Microsoft is connecting its Live@edu online collaboration suite with Moodle, an open source learning management system.

Adobe Releases First Beta of ColdFusion 9

Upgrade offers added integration and new Eclipse-based tool for advanced developers.

Sorting in the ObjectDataSource

Your users may want to get their data in a specific order -- and not get it all at once. You can control both with the ObjectDataSource (and a little code).

Microsoft Launches Silverlight 3

Microsoft took the wraps off version 3 of its Silverlight framework for developing rich interactive applications (RIAs)and its Expression Studio Web and graphics design suite.

Integrating Master Pages and Content Pages

Not content with providing a solution for displaying information from the Content page on its MasterPage, Peter returns to the topic to solve the problem from another direction.

The Cost of Static

Offshore application development has its merits, but sometimes, as one dev team found, it's just not worth it.

Test-Driving MonoDevelop 2.0

Is the open source IDE for cross-platform .NET development a viable alternative to Visual Studio 2008?

Time for XAML?

The language behind WPF is starting to gain momentum, thanks in large part to Silverlight.

Validators: The Easy Way To Build Business Rules into Your UI

Validator controls make handling errors and reporting them in the UI easy, but what you may not know is how easy it is to create your own Validator.

Q&A: Software Pioneer Dan Bricklin

The inventor of the first PC spreadsheet talks about his new book and challenges facing developers.

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