Secure Microsoft and Java Applications with Code Signing

This exclusive webcast explores code signing for Microsoft Authenticode and Java, how to protect your company's brand from cybercrime, and best practices in code signing certificate management. Register now.

Date: 03/11/2015

Time: 11:00 am

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Unicorns to Horses: Reflections On The DevOps Enterprise Summit

Join Abner Germanow of New Relic and guest Gene Kim of IT Revolution Press as they discuss how large and complex enterprises are adopting DevOps, and reflect on the DevOps Enterprise Summit. Read on.

Duration: 1 hour

How to Scale .NET Apps with Distributed Caching

Join us for this webinar and learn about scalability bottlenecks for your .NET applications and how you can improve their scalability with distributed caching. Learn more.

Stories, Pair Programming & More: Top Must-Have Agile Techniques/Best Practices

Join John K. Waters and a panel of experts as they discuss essential best practices for successful enterprise Agile and share real-world examples of what separates a successful implementation from a not-so successful one. Learn more.