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  • Unified Communications: The Layman's Guide

    In this white paper contributing Ziff Davis analyst Cindy Waxer breaks down unified communications by defining it, explaining how it works, ROI, UC challenges in an organization, and questions IT leaders need to ask before deployment. Read now!

  • Hosted Contact Center Solutions Comparison Guide

    This comparison guide provides the top 10 providers and highlights key features to look for when considering a hosted solution for your business call center.

  • The ROI of Embedded BI

    Learn how organizations achieve ROI with a BI solution embedded in the application users’ daily work. Find out how a proven vendor can reduce costs in budget, time and resources.

  • The Need for Improved Software Quality

    Learn the results of research from Osterman Research on the security of various types of software; their vulnerability to malware, hackers, and other threats; and recommendations for improvement. Read now!

  • Beginning the Move into Hybrid Clouds

    Moving data and applications to the cloud is going to happen eventually. Hybrid clouds offer most of the advantages, and some of the disadvantages, of on- and off-premises models. Discover in this article from ADT how to get started with a hybrid cloud.

  • Big Data Platform Made Easy For Windows Developers

    Managing large quantities of data is simpler than ever with Syncfusion’s free Big Data Platform, the first and only complete solution for developing big data solutions on Windows.

  • The Key to Smarter Enterprise Security

    Code signing is at a crossroads. In many enterprises, the traditional approach remains standard procedure: purchase certificate, download and deploy locally. But, many companies are finding it a challenge to manage their code signing certificate deployments. Learn more!

  • VoIP for Beginners

    While VoIP services can be less expensive than standard telephone network services, call quality can be a factor in one’s decision to switch to VoIP. However, constant innovation and upgrades are making VoIP comparable in quality to the traditional phone system. In this white paper, VoIP for Beginners, you’ll be introduced to how VoIP works.

  • The Hidden Benefits of VoIP Revealed

    You don't have to throw out your old communications infrastructure tomorrow. You can take a tiered approach to moving your company forward with VoIP. Read this white paper, The Hidden Benefits of VoIP Revealed, so you won't miss out on how you can use VoIP to re-invent how you conduct business, while increasing your bottom line.

  • Five Must Have Features for Business VoIP

    In this free white paper, Five Must-Have Features for Business VoIP, you'll learn about five ways VoIP can deliver greater value to your business. Read on.

  • 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection

    Download this free white paper, 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection, to completely educate yourself about VoIP trends so that you can determine the perfect solution for your company. Learn more.