• Practical TypeScript

    DataTyping in TypeScript

    The TypeScript approach to data typing is different than what you're used to with server-side languages. This allows the language to integrate with other JavaScript libraries, but the results can surprise you. 02/13/2015

  • Cut or Copy in One Keystroke

    The simplest tip ever ... but it has some results that you might not like. 02/12/2015

  • Beyond Unit Tests with ConventionTests

    Be triple sure your code works by augmenting your test platform. This nifty open source library will do that. 02/12/2015

  • Q&A

    5 Visual Studio Questions with Dr. James McCaffrey

    Our man from Microsoft Research who was instrumental in the development of Internet Explorer and Bing tells us what makes working with Visual Studio such a rewarding experience. 02/12/2015

  • Practical .NET

    Managing Your Skills Portfolio

    There's no right answer to "What technology should I learn next?" But there is a way to manage your skills to maximize the return you get from them. 02/11/2015

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    9 New Visual Studio 2013 Extensions

    It's a little more than one month into the new year, and there's a wave of new Visual Studio extensions available specifically for Visual Studio 2013. 02/10/2015

  • Fill a String with Characters

    Who knew that the String object had a constructor, let alone that it's useful? 02/09/2015

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Q&A: Xamarin's Jonathan Pryor on Android 5 Lollipop

    Xamarin's development lead offers insights into the Android 5 Lollipop update and how the speed with which Android releases spin out affects their own releases. 02/09/2015

  • Support Remote Clients with a Custom Exception Object

    Here's something that you don't need to do when creating your own Exception class -- but if you do make the extra effort you can ensure that your Exception works everywhere you might raise it. 02/06/2015

  • News

    A Trillion Events Per Day? Trill Does That for .NET Apps

    Microsoft Research-developed "high-performance in-memory incremental analytics engine" plugs into .NET natively to give apps ability to churn through gobs of data in nothing flat. 02/05/2015

  • DevDisasters

    A Near-Apocalyptic SQL Disaster Scenario

    There once was an invoicing system that, when it worked, it worked very well, indeed. But when it was broken, it was horrid. 02/05/2015

  • Neural Network Lab

    Using Multi-Swarm Training on Your Neural Networks

    Now that you know how to work with multi-swarm optimization, it's time to take it up a level and see how to train your network to use it. 02/04/2015

  • News

    Microsoft Open Sources .NET CoreCLR

    The ongoing effort to open source .NET Core gets clearer, as the team adds the "execution engine" that drives .NET apps to the Github repository. 02/03/2015

  • Practical .NET

    Dynamic Data Access with Plain Old SQL and SqlQuery

    You don't have to give up using dynamic SQL just because you're using Entity Framework. The Entity Framework SqlQuery method will give you back the flexibility of dynamic SQL and still let you work with your data in an object-oriented way. 02/03/2015

  • C# Corner

    Shine Up Those Older Web Forms Applications with ServiceStack

    Forget post backs! Easily add REST services to enhance your legacy Web Forms applications. 02/03/2015

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