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    XSD 4 Supports C++ 11

    Version 4 of the XML Schema-to-C++ compiler now supports Visual Studio versions 2012 and 2013. 08/04/2014

  • News

    Mulesoft AnyPoint Gets Native with .NET

    New version of middleware integration platform integrates directly with .NET-written or -supported applications. 08/01/2014

  • Practical TypeScript

    Retrieving Data with Backbone and TypeScript

    Peter creates an AJAX-enabled application using TypeScript with Backbone that talks to a Web API service. He also upgrades to the latest version of Backbone TypeScript support, causing several things to break -- but it does result in better, simpler code. 08/01/2014

  • News

    Kinect for Windows SDK Preview in Motion

    Now that Kinect for Windows 2.0 devices have shipped, a preview of the software development kit is available for more than game developers. 07/31/2014

  • Redmond Review

    As Azure Summits Competitive Mountain, Will .NET Devs Take a Longer Look?

    Microsoft Azure has caught up with AWS in many areas. In a couple of others, it's actually pulled ahead. 07/31/2014

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    VS Offline? Mid-Month Outage, Explained

    An explanation of the Visual Studio Online outage that occurred July 18 was simply Azure SQL Database slowness, but it was a bit more than that. 07/31/2014

  • News

    SyntaxTree Buy Results in Visual Studio Tools for Unity 1.9

    A mere month later, Microsoft's point release of the Unity gaming platform add-on comes mainly with debugging improvements. 07/30/2014

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Be More Social: oAuth, Facebook and Xamarin

    How to use Xamarin.Auth, Xamarin.Social, and the Facebook SDK for Android to interact with Facebook within a Xamarin.Android application. 07/29/2014

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    Azure Mobile Services .NET Adds CORS Support, Better Authentication

    Support for cross-origin resource sharing now built in via the ASP.NET Web API. 07/29/2014

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    SharePoint: All About the Apps

    A portfolio of apps customized for your environment is the key to maximizing SharePoint's benefits. 07/29/2014

  • Neural Network Lab

    Neural Network Weight Decay and Restriction

    Weight decay and weight restriction are two closely related, optional techniques that can be used when training a neural network. This article explains exactly what weight decay and weight restriction are, and how to use them with an existing neural network application or implement them in a custom application. 07/28/2014

  • Microsoft Encourages Oracle Migrations to SQL Server 2014

    Microsoft yesterday unveiled an updated SQL Server Migration Assistant to ease moving existing Oracle databases to SQL Server 2014. 07/25/2014

  • Practical .NET

    The Last Step in UI Design: Scripting Interaction

    An interaction script bridges the gap between designing concepts and actually adding controls to forms. The interaction script will tell you what your application needs to do, leading you (finally) to what controls you need on which forms. 07/24/2014

  • News

    A Refreshed OData Client Code Generator

    Version 2.0.0, released earlier this month, contains a bevy usability, functionality, and configurability improvements, as well as rounds up a number of bug fixes. 07/24/2014

  • DevDisasters

    Lost in Translation

    After Wayne's employer decided to bring some outsourced code back in house, he discovered that developers in Kerbleckistan were doing some serious innovating in the science of passing parameters. 07/23/2014

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