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    Test Out Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5 on an Azure VM

    Developers looking to check out the latest Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Visual Studio 2015 can do so without using up precious resources, now that a preview is available via an Azure VM. Also released: Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 CTP 1. 01/27/2015

  • Practical .NET

    Take Control of Exceptions with a Custom Exception Object

    If you really want to take full control of the exceptions you pass to your clients, you can write your own Exception class. Here's how to do that, complete with support for additional properties. 01/26/2015

  • Control Class ToolTip During Debugging

    During debugging, the fastest way to see the current value of any variable is to hover your mouse over it. DebuggerDisplay lets you control what information you get for one of your classes. 01/26/2015

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    Microsoft To Buy R Language Specialist for Big Data Portfolio

    Microsoft today said it will bolster its extensive Big Data portfolio with the acquisition of Revolution Analytics, a company that specializes in products and services based on the R programming language. 01/23/2015

  • Inheriting Interfaces

    Sure, you've got classes inheriting from classes, but did you know that you can do that with interfaces also? It may even be useful. 01/22/2015

  • Mobile Corner

    How To Inject Analytics Code into Windows Phone 8.1 Apps

    Nick Randolph dissects a Windows Phone 8.1 application package in order to inject analytics tracking code into a pre-build application. 01/22/2015

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    5 Tips for Contributing to Microsoft Open Source Projects

    Microsoft made .NET Core and other .NET Foundation projects open to community collaboration. Want to make a contribution? Read these tips first. 01/21/2015

  • News

    Anypoint Platform Goes Mobile

    .NET developers can now use MuleSoft's Anypoint data connetivity middleware solutions to extend its services out to enterprise mobile apps. 01/21/2015

  • Neural Network Lab

    Multi-Swarm Optimization for Neural Networks Using C#

    Multi-swarm optimization (MSO) is a powerful variation of particle swarm optimization. Understanding how MSO works and how to implement it can be a valuable addition to your developer toolkit. 01/20/2015

  • News

    Syncfusion Sweetens ASP.NET Features in Essential Studio 2014 Volume 4

    The company touts this release as the biggest yet for mobile developers, but those using it with ASP.NET will find lots to love in the number of new controls that span several tools across the Microsoft suite. 01/20/2015

  • Practical .NET

    Managing Complex Web Requests

    A complex ASP.NET MVC form can drive you to a big, ugly action method that handles all the functionality the page offers. The ActionMethodSelector provides a clean way to separate that logic over multiple methods, provided you understand a key distinction of which many ASP.NET MVC developers aren't aware. 01/19/2015

  • Control XML Output with SaveOptions

    A more elegant solution that doesn't waste any time making sure things are all nicely nested and indented in an XML document. 01/16/2015

  • Code Focused

    Sharpening Developer Productivity with ReSharper

    ReSharper is a Visual Studio plug-in from JetBrains that brings an incredible amount of features designed to increase developer productivity. 01/15/2015

  • News

    Telerik Adds Bevy of Cloud Mobile Development Services

    More quick-start templates, enhanced push notifications, and new Telerik Device Cloud service, currently in beta, will allow testing on hundreds of physical devices. 01/15/2015

  • DevDisasters

    The Long and Short of It

    Not just once, but repeated in various lucrative apps -- a humongous chunk of code that should've been reduced to a mere line. 01/14/2015

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