Breakthroughs in Semantic Analysis of C#

Date: Tuesday, January 28th at 8:30am PT / 11:30 am ET
Speakers: Eric Lippert, C# Expert and Senior Architect at Coverity; Keri Sprinkle, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Coverity

Static analysis shouldn’t be about finding pounds of coding style or standard issues. It should be focused on finding the most critical – potentially crash causing defects.

Please join Eric Lippert and Keri Sprinkle as they look at advances in modern static analysis techniques and the crash causing issues they can find. In this webinar they will discuss:

  • New advances in static analysis for C# and the value of source code analysis over binary analysis
  • The most common types of crash causing C# defects and how to avoid them
  • How to move your automated testing beyond code coverage to address the ripple effect of change
  • Best practices for incorporating development testing into your SDLC

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About the Speakers:

Eric Lippert is an expert in C# and senior architect at Coverity where he works on the C# analysis team.  Prior to joining Coverity in January, 2013, Eric spent 16 years at Microsoft and was most recently a principal developer on the C# compiler team focused on Roslyn and a member of the C# language design team. Eric is a prolific blogger and author of several books.

Keri Sprinkle joined the Product Marketing team at Coverity in April 2013.  She began her career in enterprise software more than 15 years ago as a systems administrator at Oracle where she earned her MCSE certification.  Since then she has been a Consultant, Instructor, Sales Engineer, and Product Marketing Manager for other enterprise software companies such as Veritas, Symantec and HP Software.   Her specialties include test automation, datacenter automation, disaster recovery and high availability.

Duration: 1 Hour