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Create PDFs From ASP Apps

Check out the latest VS.NET add-ins, including a product that lets you create, read, and modify PDF documents from any application supporting COM, including ASP and ASP.NET.

appRadius for Microsoft CRM
appRadius for Microsoft CRM is a RAD tool that helps you extend and complement the software development experience for Microsoft CRM. The system is fully integrated with Visual Studio .NET and includes ASP.NET controls. appRadius features look-ahead design that supports the delivery of ad-hoc user requests; provides supporting utilities; supports the development of additional modules; protects code investments through backward compatibility; connects with external databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2; extends MS CRM Account and Contact Entities; and features a flexible support subscription model. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 269-345-3111

AspPDF 1.0
AspPDF enables your applications to create, read, and modify PDF documents from any application supporting COM, including ASP and ASP.NET. You can save resultant PDFs to disk, memory, or an HTTP stream. It supports external TrueType/OpenType fonts, and it features optimized font embedding. It offers multilanguage support, as well as support for a subset of HTML tags to facilitate formatted text rendering. AspPDF also features word wrapping; text alignment to the left, right, and center; image embedding; support for GIF, JPG, and BMP formats; support for image masking and image transparency; document encryption; PDF stamping; document stitching; support for interactive form fields; automatic form fill-in; drawing of all major types of barcodes; and more.
Persits Software
Phone: 800-268-0689; 212-785-1611

Crossfire 5.0
Crossfire is a mobile and wireless application development environment for the Microsoft .NET platform. You can use Crossfire to design, develop, and deploy custom apps for mobile devices, then deploy your apps to any number of Palm OS, Pocket PC, or Symbian devices including PDAs, Smartphones, and industrial devices. Crossfire provides built-in database support and integration with all leading database synchronization solutions. It also offers a subscription program under which customers receive continuous updates to ensure that applications will run on the latest mobile devices. Crossfire includes legacy support for MobileVB and Visual Basic 6, with additional language support coming soon. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 800-637-5740; 678-686-9400

SlickEdit Studio
SlickEdit Studio is a fully supported multilanguage IDE built on the Eclipse open source IDE framework and the SlickEdit code editor. The SlickEdit Studio IDE lets you develop in C/C++, Java, and more. It features project support, advanced code editing, an autobuild system with incremental and full-build capability, built-in graphical debuggers, and Java refactoring. SlickEdit Studio also lets you use other languages, including C#, HTML, XML, and COBOL, to create projects, edit with the advanced code editor, build, and debug. Multilanguage code-editing features include Context Tagging code completion with auto lists and Javadoc comments; DIFFzilla file, directory, and source tree difference editing and merging; a references view for navigating references; a symbol view for quick symbol look-up, an FTP Open view that supports S/FTP; and a class browser. Starts at $849 for electronic download; single-user academic pricing starts at $249.
Phone: 800-934-EDIT; 919-473-0070

TemplateMailer is a server control that lets you parse your .NET form fields and e-mail the results using templates. It supports text and HTML e-mail, autoresponses, and multiple log formats including XML and comma-delimited formats. It also includes the TemplateMailer WebDelivery service, which lets you extend the capabilities of TemplateMailer to many languages, including ASP, ASP.NET, Flash, PHP, ColdFusion, and PERL. Use TemplateMailer to detect all form fields and values sent by POST, GET, and ASP.NET controls, including ASP.NET child controls. You can write form variables to a separate log file in a number of formats, including XML, comma-delimited, and tab-delimited. Contact vendor for pricing.
Tectonic Concepts
Phone: 502-897-2444

XtraVerticalGrid Suite 1.0
XtraVerticalGrid helps you build data-entry forms and functional user interfaces for your Windows Forms applications. XtraVerticalGrid is similar to an inverted grid control that allows you to display individual rows from a dataset or display multiple dataset rows within the container. It features full ADO.NET support; advanced unbound mode support; design-time support; XP Themes support; runtime row customization and data organization; automatic runtime resizing; more than 20 data editors; an editor repository; alphablending support; custom draw support; an unlimited number of nested rows; drag-and-drop support; and more. $249.99; $299.99 with source code.
Developer Express
Phone: 702-262-0609


DriverStudio 3.1
DriverStudio 3.1 is a suite of tools that accelerates the driver development life cycle and promotes the development of Windows device drivers. DriverStudio 3.1 helps you write, debug, test, and tune driver code that meets the quality standards for Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certification. DriverStudio 3.1 now offers integration with VS.NET 2003, including side-by-side operation with VS.NET 2002 while maintaining full compatibility with the Microsoft DDK. The DriverWorks and DriverNetworks components in DriverStudio 3.1 offer a new DriverWizard that lets you build Windows device drivers in either C or C++. Also new in DriverStudio 3.1, BoundsChecker Driver Edition lets users change their configuration settings without having to reboot. $2,499.
Phone: 800-468-6342

IP*Works! 6.0
IP*Works! 6.0 helps you develop connected applications by providing programmable components that ease tasks such as sending e-mail, transferring files, browsing the Web, consuming Web services, and parsing XML documents. Version 6.0 offers a number of new features, including RSS, which helps you create, modify, and retrieve RSS feeds; WebDAV for distributed Web authoring, versioning, and collaboration; IPMonitor Network Monitor, a packet-capturing and protocol-analysis component; DNS, which supports every major DNS record format; SMPP, a Short Message Peer-to-Peer client component used to send SMS cellular text messages; SNMP Agent and SNMP manager components; and XMPP, a Lightweight Jabber Client for communicating with XML-based Jabber Servers. Each component features simplified interfaces, expanded help documentation, and additional sample apps. Contact vendor for pricing.
/n software
Phone: 800-225-4190; 919-402-0590

ORM.NET is an object/relational mapping and data-access-layer tool. It creates a complete data-access layer modeled on your database schema. The generated runtime component exposes all tables as classes and all columns as properties; it also displays parent/child relationships defined within the schema. You can use the built-in DataManager object to retrieve data from multiple tables based on complex criteria without using stored procedures or embedded SQL code. You can also save data updates, inserts, and deletes to the database with one call. $495.
Olero Software
Phone: 888-836-3298

PostgreSQLDirect .NET Data Provider 1.5
PostgreSQLDirect .NET Data Provider is a .NET data provider that provides direct access to PostgreSQL Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework. You can use PostgreSQLDirect, which is based on ADO.NET technology, in the same way as the SQL Server .NET or the OLE DB .NET data providers. It uses native message-based protocol for communication with PostgreSQL Server and doesn't require the PostgreSQL client library. The new version offers support for connection pooling, enables MD5 and Crypt user authentication methods, features GetSchemaTable with full KeyInfo, and provides batch execution of multiple Select statements. It provides extended monitoring capabilities with the DB Monitor tool. Help is integrated into VS.NET. $99.
Core Lab

RoboHelp X5
RoboHelp X5 is a help-authoring tool used to create help systems and documentation for desktop and Web-based applications. The latest version features support for XML, PDF import/export, content management, distributed workforces, team authoring capabilities, and JavaHelp 2.0 from Sun Microsystems. RoboHelp X5 also includes FlashHelp, a bandwidth-efficient and firewall-friendly help format based on Macromedia Flash. The XML support enables easier data interchange. The content management features include version rollback, time and date stamping, audit trails, labels and comments, file comparison, and integration with version control software. RoboHelp X5 lets distributed workforces check in and check out files remotely, contribute information to help projects, and synchronize changes when computers are back online. Team authoring support makes it easier for teams to collaborate, coordinate workflow, and generate the final help system through features such as check-in and check-out capabilities, permissions, password security, and administrative tools. $899.
Phone: 800-470-7211; 415-252-2000

WordReports .NET 1.2
WordReports .NET is a .NET reporting component that gives you complete control over Microsoft Word document generation. It embeds Word and RTF document creation into .NET Web or desktop applications. You can create documents without Word or any form of automation. You can generate reports with charts and database binding, and you can lay out templates in Word. WordReports includes example source code, coding tutorials, and e-mail support. Starts at $99.
Jisys Software

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