Test Impact Analysis in Visual Studio 2010

Depending on the size of your code base, running unit tests every time a code change is made can be a daunting process. Test Impact Analysis in Visual Studio 2010 (Premium and Ultimate Editions) can speed up that process.

Survey: Dev Outlook Shifting

A survey by ALM provider Serena Software indicates that dev organizations are shifting focus from cost cutting to improving application delivery.

How to Generate Code from a UML Model in Visual Studio 2010

The UML modeler is a powerful new tool, especially when it's backed with a code-generation system.

Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2

Microsoft's cumulative Feature Pack update for MSDN subscribers adds useful new testing capabilities to Visual Studio 2010.

.NET Survival Guide: Application Lifecycle Development

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a critical measure of a team's maturity and development effectiveness.

Measuring Test Effort Progress with EVM

An important part of a software testing -- or coding -- effort is the ability to measure progress. One way for doing this is a technique called Earned Value Management (EVM). Find out how easy it is to apply EVM to your own projects.

Coded UI Tests (Part 4): Tips and Tricks

Mickey Gousset finishes out his series on coded UI testing with some useful tips and tricks.

Coded UI Tests (Part 3): Data-Driven Testing

Mickey Gousset shows how to make Coded UI Tests data-driven in Visual Studio 2010.

Serena Launches New Strategy, Products

ALM provider Serena Software launches new corporate strategy and Release Management Solution tooling.

Coded UI Tests (Part 2): Editing and Running a Test in VS 2010

Mickey Gousset delves into and explains the generated code of the coded UI Test, and shows us how to run the test.

Coded UI Tests: Creating a Coded UI Test in Visual Studio 2010

Mickey Gousset explains the new Coded UI Test in Visual Studio 2010, and shows us how to create a basic test. Part 1 in a series.

SmartBear Releases ALM Tools

Recent merger with AutomatedQA and Pragmatic Software power the release of SmartBear's QAComplete, DevComplete and other service-based ALM solutions.

CollabNet Further Embraces Cloud with Codesion Acquisition

CollabNet made a self-described "aggressive move" into cloud-based developer services recently by announcing it is acquiring Codesion, which hosts software version control services such as Subversion.

Branch By Quality using Team Foundation Server 2010 – Part 2

Mickey Gousset finishes his series on branching patterns with a look at how to implement Branch by Quality in TFS 2010.

Branch by Quality using TFS 2010 (Part 1)

Mickey Gousset discusses the theory behind the Branch by Quality branching/merging pattern in Team Foundation Server 2010.

Unit Testing and ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC and test-driven development show the future of delivering reliable applications. While Visual Studio 2010 enables you to integrate server-side testing into ASP.NET development, client-side testing presents a challenge.

Branch By Release in TFS 2010 - Part 3

Mickey concludes his look at the Branch By Release pattern.

Microsoft Kills Key Components of the 'Oslo' Modeling Platform

It's no surprise that 'Oslo', also known as SQL Server Modeling, has not survived the on-going battle of competing data platform strategies at Microsoft.

Dev Collaboration: Not All Talk is Cheap

Bola Rotibi examines challenges and opportunities as social media concepts transition into the dev space.

Branch By Release in TFS 2010 - Part 2

Mickey Gousset shows us how to implement Branch By Release merges using TFS 2010, and some new visualization features.

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