Inside Team Foundation Server Power Tools Part 2

Mickey Gousset covers more utilities included in the Team Foundation Server Power Tools April 2010 Edition.

TFS 2010 and the SQL Server Analysis Services Cube

Jeff Levinson offers a tour of the new reporting cube functionality in Team Foundation Server 2010.

Use Mocking Frameworks to Improve Code Quality

C# Corner's Patrick Steele dives into mocking frameworks and how they can help you write more efficient and testable code.

Static Code Analysis Configuration

Mickey Gousset shows you the different static code analysis configuration options in Visual Studio 2010.

ALM Q&A: Micro Focus

Stuart McGill, Chief Technology Officer at Micro Focus, discusses the company's new direction and priorities.

ALM Trends: Vendors and Customers Seek ROI

Vendors shift strategies to ease adoption, improve ROI and target software development lifecycle pain points.

Static Code Analysis in VS2010

Just because your code compiles when you press F5 in VS2010 doesn't mean it's error free. Use the static code analysis features of VS2010 to analyze managed assemblies.

Q&A: Microsoft's Brian Harry Discusses ALM and Team Development in VS2010

Microsoft Technical Fellow and Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server Brian Harry talks about testing, data and team-based development in Visual Studio 2010.

Visual Studio's Lab Management Testing Virtualization Platform

Jeff Levinson explores the new Lab Management platform for testing virtualization, which is included in Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.

Developers Mix and Match Agile Approaches

New functionality in Visual Studio Team System 2010 supports the Agile dev trend.

CollabNet Acquires Danube

Leading ALM firm targets Scrum-based project management with acquisition.

VSTS 2008 Web Testing Part 3: Validation Rules

Mickey wraps up his series on Web Testing with a look at validating Web tests.

VSTS 2008 Web Testing: Running a Web Test (Part 2 of 3)

In the second column of a series, Mickey shows you how to run a Web test using Visual Studio Team System 2008.

dynaTrace Offers End-to-End Multi-Tier Tracing

dynaTrace provides continuous monitoring of your application -- from the client to the database -- without requiring you to insert any instrumentation code.

VSTS08 Web Testing

Mickey Gousset shows you how to record a Web test using Visual Studio Team System 2008.

Introducing Microsoft Test & Lab Manager

The new MTLM is a professional functional testing tool that gives developers the ability to write, run and execute manual tests.

Study: App Maintenance Is Neglected -- at a Cost

Should you be paying more attention to application maintenance and less to application development?

VS2010 ALM Acquires Teamprise Clients

Microsoft announced today in Berlin that it has acquired the Teamprise Client Suite, which supports Eclipse and other cross-platform environments for Team Foundation Server.

IBM Brings ALM to the Cloud

IBM today launched application lifecycle management and test and development tools for its public and private cloud-based services.

ANTS Performance Profiler

Discover what your application is really doing-method by method, line by line-with Red Gate ANTS Performance Profiler.

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