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Store Large Lookup Tables in DataSets

When mobile users need to look up and edit data without direct network connections, persist DataSets of lookup information as local XML files to preserve offline updates.

Display and Manage Images in ASP.NET

Develop image-management apps that exploit the .NET Framework and ASP.NET with recursion, the TreeView control, the System.Drawing.Images namespace, the System.IO namespace, and more.

Create Cool Custom Tables

Learn how to create and customize data-intensive tables in ASP.NET Web applications.

Take Control of Print Preview

Learn how to implement a print preview dialog that uses the PrintPreviewControl to add features that aren't in the default PrintPreviewDialog component.

Add Images to SQL Server

Adding images to and removing them from a SQL Server database is straightforward using simple drag-and-drop procedures.

All That JAAS

JAAS is based on the Pluggable Authentication Modules model and provides authentication and authorization services. Check out its many security benefits for Java applications.

Enhance UI Performance in WinForms

You can improve your UI in several ways, using the .NET Framework's built-in multithreading and asynchronous execution mechanisms.

Build Data-Driven Client Validation

Here's a design for creating data-driven validation rules for distributed apps. It lets you distribute the rules from to clients without modifying client-side application code.

Output Your Trace Info

Output your trace information to new targets, including SQL Server and XML—and do it without parsing.

Keep Data Consistent With Transactions

Employ the manual and automatic transaction models supported by the .NET Framework to maintain consistent data in your applications.

Secure Your Directory-Enabled Apps

Find out how Active Directory Application Mode and Windows Authorization Manager can simplify security, personalization, and configuration for your directory-enabled applications.

Activate Windows Impersonation Selectively

Activate Windows impersonation selectively, determine the update order of DataTables at run time, guarantee the delivery order of asynchronous delegates, and more.

Use InfoPath With VS.NET 2003

InfoPath SP1 and the new .NET 2003 Toolkit let you implement business logic behind InfoPath forms with managed VB.NET or C# code instead of JScript or VBScript event handlers.

Trace Code With .NET

Build a .NET Framework based class library that makes tracing a true asset to your development experience.

Build an RSS Generator Component

Learn how to create an RSS feed for publishing data to subscriber apps. You can use the handy RssGen sample component as a starting point for your own data feed generator.

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