In-Depth Features

Profile: Above All Software's New Way to SOA

Above All Software helps turn legacy applications into business services.

Profile: What Do You Want Your Web Site to Do?

Ektron''s focus on Web content delivers big dividends to users.

A New Take on Software Reuse

Google Code Search brings a new perspective on how you can engage in reusing existing code.

The Year of the Build

Is wrestling with your software builds a fact of life? Not necessarily.

Service Orchestration and Windows Workflow Foundation

Building and executing workflows without a traditional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is possible using Microsoft .NET 3.0 technologies.

The Role of the ESB

ESBs provide a multitude of services for an enterprise committed to optimizing IT in support of business processes.

Achieve Useful Requirements Processes

Aligning IT and business is more than a marketing slogan. Learn best practices that let IT teams share requirements that align IT priorities with business needs more effectively.

Profile: Telelogic and Enterprise Lifecycle Management

Telelogic seeks to define how enterprises manage innovative processes.

Profile: RTI Distributes the Data

Even a small company, such as Real Time Innovations (RTI), can turn a product into an industry standard.

Refactor Your Way to Migration Success

Take advantage of the top ten refactorings for VB6-.NET migration to create easier-to-read and far more robust .NET applications. These refactorings pick up where the Migration Wizard leaves off.

Value in Abundance

Genuitec expands its MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench user base by providing affordable, feature-rich solutions.

Redefining How Software Works

The work that 1060 Research is doing might have a dramatic impact on how we think about building software. CEO Peter Rodgers provides the details in this exclusive interview.

Borland Brings Back Turbo

Borland brings back Turbo with its announcement of four new products: Turbo C++, Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, and Turbo C#.

Big Changes Ahead for Borland

In this exclusive Q&A, Borland CEO Tod Nielsen shares insights on the market and his plans for the company.

Profile: Translating Cool Technology Into Revenue

Mainsoft has great .NET to Java technology that is tapping a market in enterprises.

Take Advantage of Continuous Integration

Compiling your applications frequently can help you save time, effort, and sleepless nights down the road. Learn how to implement this system using the open source tool, Draco.NET.

Profile: Mindreef Brings Quality to SOA

Startup company draws on deep tradition and early products to establish name recognition and strong reputation.

Create Rich User Experiences With Microsoft''s Web Platform

Discover Microsoft''s vision for the Web and three technologies for simplifying your development of rich user experiences.

XML in 2007: A Survey of Tools, Technologies and Strategies

Learn guidelines for designing and developing with XML data.

Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design

Learn how you can find design inspiration in unusual places, and break out of conventions that were established because of technical limitations.