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Can Dev Camps Give Windows Mobile A Boost?

Inaugural event in Redmond hopes to engage developers of mobile applications.

PHP Versus ASP.NET Benchmarks Drive Debate

A new but unofficial performance benchmark test by a senior Microsoft developer is spurring debate in the ASP.NET and PHP communities, even as it reveals some surprising findings.

Microsoft's New .NET Rx Framework Tackles Challenges of Asynchronous Programming

Language design leader Erik Meijer describes new framework as a "breakthrough"in asynchronous programming.

2009 Readers Choice Awards

VSM readers honor the best commercial development tools.

Q&A: Microsoft's Scott Guthrie Breaks Down Silverlight 3 for Enterprise Developers

Microsoft's VP of the .NET Developer Platform group opens up on a wide range of topics, from debugging Silverlight apps to Silverlight's security model.

Q&A: Doug Seven on Visual Studio Team System 2010

Microsoft Senior Product Manager Doug Seven talks about the next version of VSTS.

Q&A: Matt Carter on Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Group Product Manager Matt Carter talks about what developers can expect from the upcoming version of Visual Studio.

Targeting Azure Storage

Learn how to store and retrieve binary large objects in the cloud with Azure's RESTful Storage API.

Q&A: Software Pioneer Dan Bricklin

The inventor of the first PC spreadsheet talks about his new book and challenges facing developers.

.NET 4 Revealed

As applications take flight beyond the desktop, the .NET Framework is trying to keep pace. The programming environment, which debuted in 2002 and today ships with Windows, SQL Server and Visual Studio, remains the consistent foundation for Microsoft's proliferating toolsets.

Tech-Ed 2009 Preview: Headwinds

Despite tough times, developers, ISVs and Microsoft are keeping plenty busy.

Silverlight 3 Enables Data-Driven App Dev

The new DataForm control and enhanced support for data-driven applications make it possible for developers to deliver line-of-business applications to any user with a Silverlight-enabled Web browser.

IDE Evolution

Is Microsoft enhancing your user experience in Visual Studio 2010 and beyond?

Build and Debug Web Parts with SharePoint Extensions

Visual Studio 2008 Extensions for SharePoint makes developing and testing Web Parts almost easy, provided you install it correctly.

New Development Model: How Does Oslo Fit with Visual Studio 2010?

RDN Editor Kathleen Richards talks with Microsoft's Kris Horrocks.

Getting Directions for SharePoint

.NET developers face adjustments as they start coding for Microsoft's high-flying workflow and collaboration platform.

Generate Code from Custom File Formats

Create a custom tool to provide a flexible and easy way to generate code on demand.

Web Without Walls

IE8 GM talks about switching to standards compliance.

Large-Scale Strategist

Bob Muglia on Microsoft's new cloud programming model.

Connect to the Cloud

In this special interview, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Robert Wahbe discusses the Azure Services Platform and Software plus Services applications with 1105 Media's Jeffrey Schwartz and Michael Desmond.

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