Blazor Creator Unveils 'Smart Components' for Adding AI to .NET Apps

Microsoft's Steve Sanderson, the creator of Blazor, introduced his latest pet project, Smart Components for easy AI-driven interfaces in .NET apps.

Workarounds Listed for Upcoming Visual Studio App Center Retirement

Microsoft will retire Visual Studio App Center in a year, listing several workarounds to replace the package of integrated developer services for building, testing, releasing and monitoring mobile/desktop apps that itself replaced a tool called HockeyApp in 2019.

As Xamarin.Forms Nears End-of-Life, Uno Platform Throws Hat into Replacement Ring

With Microsoft's Xamarin.Forms mobile-centric UI toolkit for .NET developers nearing its end-of-life date of May 1, the open source Uno Platform is throwing its hat into the ring as a possible replacement.

Pesky WinForms Designer Tweaked in Visual Studio 2022 v17.10 Preview 2

"We are pleased to announce substantial performance improvements to the WinForms out-of-process designer."

Quick Tip: Use Threads to Improve Chat with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft published new documentation for Visual Studio 2022's GitHub Copilot Chat tool, explaining how to use "threads" to improve the experience with the AI-powered coding assistant.

JetBrains IDEs Finally Get GitHub Copilot Chat

Emerging from beta, GitHub Copilot Chat is now generally available in JetBrains IDEs after having reached GA in Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE and Visual Studio Code editor last December.

GitHub Copilot Chat Tackles Java 'One Billion Row Challenge'

Microsoft's Antonio Goncalves put the advanced GitHub Copilot Chat AI to work in a coding challenge, and he was impressed with the results.

GitHub Kills 'Copilot Voice' Tool

GitHub is ending the technical preview of its Copilot Voice tool, today announcing the speech tech originally dubbed "Hey GitHub!" will not become a company product.

New in VS Code: Voice Dictation, Improved Copilot AI

Microsoft continued to enhance speech functionality in its Visual Studio Code editor with a new accessibility tool that lets developers dictate directly into the editor.

Some 5 Years In, 'New' WinForms Designer Still Not There

First, it was problems with moving from the proprietary .NET Framework to the open source, cross-platform .NET (Core). Then, it was problems with Visual Studio 2022 moving to the 64-bit world.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise Ships

GitHub Copilot Enterprise offers a new way for teams to use the AI-powered code completion tool in a customized experience providing enterprise-grade security, safety and privacy along with nuts-and-bolts coding help.

First .NET 9 Preview Emphasizes Cloud-Native Development, AI Apps

"Our most important focus areas are cloud-native and intelligent app development," said Microsoft in outlining its vision for .NET 9, which this month shipped in its first preview ahead of reaching general availability in November.

As New Visual Studio Extension Manager Previews, Mads K Floats New Tool Ideas

Just as a new extension manager for Visual Studio 2022 was announced in a preview, Microsoft's Mads Kristensen, a principal program manager for the IDE and extension author extraordinaire, floated some new ideas for new tools and functionality.

Copilot Chat Highlights Visual Studio 2022 17.10 Preview 1

"Copilot Chat isn't just a chatbot; it's a coding companion that understands your code," the Visual Studio dev team said in announcing Preview 1.

AI Marks New Release of Visual Studio 2022 17.9

AI assistance and better extensibility mark the new release of Visual Studio 2022 v17.9, which shipped today with many core productivity and performance enhancements.

For Build Developer Conference, Semantic Kernel AI SDK Aims for 'First-Class Agent Support'

Microsoft is shaping up its Semantic Kernel SDK for AI development for the company's Build developer conference, which might be coming in late May.

'Prompt Engineering' Jokes Abound when GitHub Asks Devs for Tips

"Tip #1: Don't call yourself an engineer around a real engineer"

PowerShell Team Eyes AI LLM Integration in Shell

PowerShell seems to be one of Microsoft's few software holdouts that doesn't have its own Copilot AI assistant, but that might change this year.

'F# Meets XAML' in Open Source Silverlight Alternative, OpenSilver 2.1

"The integration of F# in OpenSilver 2.1 bridges the gap between functional programming and the development of rich, interactive web UIs."

Copilot by the Numbers: Microsoft's Big AI Bet Paying Off

GitHub revenue accelerated to over 40 percent year-over-year, driven by all-up platform growth and adoption of GitHub Copilot.

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