Visual Studio Subscribers Now Get 'Visual Studio Live!' and Other Learning Discounts

Microsoft announced new learning benefits to subscribers of its flagship Visual Studio IDE, including discounts for Visual Studio Live! developer conferences and other educational opportunities.

ChatGPT's Impact on App-Dev? GitHub Site Gives Instant Insights

GitHub just updated its online open data and insights platform that provides information on the global and local impact of developers, letting users instantly see their own software development trends.

Microsoft Focuses on .NET Aspire, 'Modern SQL' with AI at Dev Conference

Microsoft yesterday announced its dev execs will focus on cloud-native development with .NET Aspire -- along with modern SQL with a touch of AI in Microsoft Fabric -- at a developer conference next month at the company's Redmond headquarters.

OpenSilver 3.0 Framework for .NET Gets UI by AI

A new AI-powered UI designer highlights the new release of OpenSilver 3.0, a free, open-source UI framework for building modern .NET web applications in C# and XAML, basically a reimplementation of Microsoft Silverlight that runs on current browsers via WebAssembly.

Copilot AI Gets Smarter, More Secure in Visual Studio Previews

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2022 dev team has been focusing on the AI-powered GitHub Copilot coding assistant as it ramps up the next major release, v17.11.

.NET 9 Addresses NuGet Vulnerabilities in Preview 6

With new dev tooling security vulnerabilities publicized regularly, Microsoft's new .NET 9 Preview 6 addresses the problem in one specific area: NuGet packages used for sharing code libraries, tools and other assets in the .NET ecosystem.

Microsoft Makes UI Changes for Java on VS Code

Java on Visual Studio Code got some UI changes including new sections for the project settings page, along with improvements for Spring development.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Adds Bevy of Blazor Controls

Syncfusion beefed up its Blazor offerings in the second major 2024 release of its third-party development tooling for Microsoft-centric developers.

New Visual Studio Workload Highlights Microsoft's 'Renewed Focus' on WinUI

Developers doing Windows apps have a confusing arsenal of tools and frameworks to work with, but Microsoft is simplifying things a bit with a new Visual Studio workload that highlights the company's "renewed focus" on the Windows UI Library (WinUI).

Microsoft Making Big .NET Aspire Push, So What Is It?

Microsoft is making a big push to publicize its new .NET Aspire, a new tech stack to streamline development of .NET cloud-native services.

Open Source 'Eclipse Theia IDE' Exits Beta to Challenge Visual Studio Code

Some seven years in the making, the Eclipse Foundation's Theia IDE project is now generally available, emerging from beta to challenge Microsoft's similar Visual Studio Code editor, with which it shares much tech.

Visual Studio IntelliCode Still Among Top AI Code Assistants

In the age of GitHub Copilot, ChatGPT, Google Gemini and all the rest, one of the most-used AI coding assistants is still the venerable IntelliCode feature of Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE, whose six-year-old tech now seems positively ancient.

GitHub Expands Copilot Enterprise Search in Visual Studio and VS Code

GitHub supercharged search for its Copilot Enterprise AI assistant in both Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE and Visual Studio Code so developers can now get results from well beyond local codebases, including the internet.

What's New in TypeScript 5.5, Now Generally Available

Microsoft shipped the latest iteration of its type-infused superset of JavaScript, TypeScript 5.5, introducing inferred type predicates, control flow narrowing, JSDoc @import and other enhancements.

GitHub Copilot for Azure Gets Preview Glitches

This reporter, recently accepted to preview GitHub Copilot for Azure, has thus far found the tool to be, well, glitchy.

New .NET 9 Templates for Blazor Hybrid, .NET MAUI

Microsoft's fifth preview of .NET 9 nods at AI development while also introducing new templates for some of the more popular project types, including Blazor Hybrid and .NET MAUI.

.NET MAUI in VS Code Goes GA

Visual Studio Code's .NET MAUI workload, which evolves the former Xamarin.Forms mobile-centric framework by adding support for creating desktop applications, has reached general availability.

Visual Studio Devs Quick to Sound Off on Automatic Updates: 'Please No'

A five-year-old Visual Studio feature request for automatic IDE updates is finally getting enacted by Microsoft amid a lot of initial developer pushback, seemingly misplaced.

First Official OpenAI Library for .NET Goes Beta

Although it seems Microsoft and OpenAI have been deeply intertwined partners for a long time, they are only now getting around to releasing an official OpenAI library for .NET developers, joining existing community libraries.

VS Code Insiders Get Copilot Chat AI-Enhanced Extensions in Latest Update

Developers using the "Insiders" build of the latest Visual Studio Code update, version 1.90, can now enjoy enhanced chat AI functionality in extensions.

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