New VS Code Tool Eases GitHub Browsing/Editing, No Cloning Required

A new Remote Repositories preview extension lets developers working in Visual Studio Code remotely browse and edit GitHub repos, without having to clone them locally and then open them up in the popular, open source-based code editor.

Visual Studio 2019 v16.11 Preview 2 Improves Git Tooling

Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2019 v16.11 Preview 2, a nondescript release most notable for improvements to Git tooling.

Bugs Fixed as Project Reunion v0.8 Nears Stability in New Release Candidate

The Project Reunion dev team fixed a bunch of bugs in the new v0.8 RC as Microsoft's evolution of the Windows desktop app development platform nears stability.

Uno Platform v3.8 Adds Microsoft WinUI Grid Code, Windows AoT Support

In the new v3.8 release of the open source Uno Platform, a new grid control revamped with Microsoft code is said to provide a 2x performance boost.

Microsoft Details Sneak-Peek Preview of Azure Functions on .NET 6

Developers can now experiment with serverless computing projects with Azure Functions on the latest preview of the upcoming .NET 6 milestone release.

VS Code v1.57 (May 2021 Update) Adds Terminal Tabs, Integrates Edge Dev Tools

Visual Studio Code v1.57, the May update, includes a bunch of new features that were previewed earlier, including terminal tabs, Workspace Trust, remote repositories (RemoteHub) and more.

Rider .NET IDE Tackles Much-Requested Blazor WebAssembly Debugging

Client-side debugging of Blazor WebAssembly apps, a hot topic among developers, is being addressed in the Rider .NET IDE from JetBrains, starting with a new Early Access Program build.

Single-Tenant Azure Logic Apps Goes GA: 'Integration Is Everything'

A new single-tenant version of Azure Logic Apps has reached general availability status, expanding the options for Microsoft's integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) offering that's built on a containerized runtime.

Microsoft Previews Tye Tool for Microservices Development in VS Code

Microsoft is previewing a new Visual Studio Code extension for working with the open source, experimental Tye project that's used for microservice and distributed application development.

.NET Ranks High in Coding Bootcamp Report

Microsoft's .NET development framework ranked high in recent research about coding bootcamps, or "immersive technology education."

Microsoft's PowerShell Dev Team Helps Fix OmniSharp

In announcing an update to the PowerShell extension for Visual Studio Code, Microsoft's dev team revealed it helped fix the latest edition of the OmniSharp C# Language Server Protocol in a month-long effort. One of the bugs fixed would have broken the debugger, while the other affected startup reliability.

IntelliCode Now Suggests NuGet Packages for You: 'Like Netflix Recommendations'

"IntelliCode Package Suggestions use a collaborative filtering algorithm to take the context of your project, including the installed packages and project framework, to then suggest packages that are frequently included in similar projects."

Microsoft Offers Deep Learning Support with PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft claims its new PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure is the first offering from a cloud platform to provide enterprise support for PyTorch, the popular open source deep learning framework.

UI Goes (Partly) Native in New Visual Studio 2019 for Mac v8.10

Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2019 for Mac v8.10, furthering the effort to convert the UI layer to native macOS, an effort scheduled to reach culmination with VS for Mac 2022.

Low-Code Power Apps Uses AI for No-Code Natural Language Development: 'The Code Writes Itself'

Microsoft's low-code Power Apps is seemingly headed to no-code, helping developers leverage AI to create applications with natural language.

TypeScript 4.3 Ships

TypeScript 4.3 is out, adding a bevy of new features and functionality to Microsoft's popular programming language that builds on JavaScript by adding syntax for static types.

Project Reunion Update Leads Windows Dev News at Build 2021

Project Reunion 0.8 was announced during this week's Microsoft Build 2021 developer conference, leading a raft of win-dev news items.

Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 4 Focuses on Performance

The new Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 4 is described as a "performance edition," with the dev team turning from years-long concerns -- such as catching up to the old Entity Framework and adding new features -- to focus on speed.

Microsoft's Open Source OpenJDK for Java Goes GA

The Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, an open source kit for Java featuring "backported fixes and enhancements we deem important to our customers and our internal users," has reached general availability.

What's New for F# in Visual Studio 16.10

F# and F# tools updates listed in the just-released Visual Studio 16.10 include finally addressing a feature request from 2016 and more.

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