Not Much for Dev Tools in Microsoft's Big Accessibility Push Announcement

There's nothing about development tools such as Visual Studio and VS Code in the announcement of Microsoft's new five-year accessibility push, although they have long been getting such functionality from the dev teams.

Report: Mac Developers Prefer VS Code over Xcode

About 57 percent of respondents chose VS Code, followed by Xcode (34 percent), Sublime Text (15 percent), IntelliJ (13 percent), PhpStorm (9 percent) and Nova (5 percent).

Survey Reveals Bigger C# Community, Most and Least Popular Uses

Polling more than 19,000 developers, the new "Developer Economics State of the Developer Nation, 20th Edition," report is out, finding that C# has ticked up a notch in popularity, overtaking PHP for No. 5 on that ranking. What's more, the big twice-yearly report identifies what areas are most and least popular for coding in Microsoft's flagship programming language.

'Epic Fail': ASP.NET PM Struggles with Blazor Hot Reload in Live Demo

"Epic fail," commented a developer who this week tuned in to a livestreamed ASP.NET Community Standup event on "ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Preview 3" in which Daniel Roth, principal program manager (the head guy) for ASP.NET, struggled with a Blazor Hot Reload demo.

Unity Game Platform Details Plans for .NET and C#

Unity Technologies, known for its real-time development platform used widely for gaming apps, has detailed its plans for incorporating new changes in .NET and C# being pushed out by Microsoft.

Red Hat Adds Java Features to Visual Studio Code

Red Hat's contribution to the Java Extension Pack adds type hierarchy and package refactoring when a file is moved.

Azure SDK Gets Communications Services Libraries, Based on Teams Tech

They empower cloud developers to create applications that incorporate chat, voice calling, video calling, traditional telephone calling, SMS messaging and other real-time communication functionality.

What Do Devs Want for VS 2022? The Top 10 Feature Requests

After Microsoft addressed a top developer feature request with this week's sneak peek at the upcoming 64-bit Visual Studio 2022, what else is in the works?

GrapeCity ComponentOne 2021 v1 Ships with New Blazor Controls

Development toolmaker GrapeCity issued the year's first update to its ComponentOne toolkit of UI controls, adding new features for Microsoft's red-hot Blazor project and .NET 5 Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation applications.

Hundreds of Developers Sound Off on Visual Studio 2022

Hot topics were: 64-bit; support (or perceived lack thereof) of Azure DevOps; Linux; the legacy .NET Framework; and even refreshed icons.

VS Code Python Tooling Gets 'Most Requested' Feature: Poetry Support

The wildly popular Python extension for Visual Studio Code is previewing support for Poetry, which eases Python packaging and dependency management.

Visual Studio 2022: Faster, Leaner and 64-bit (More Memory!)

Visual Studio 2022 will be previewed this summer as a 64-bit application, opening up gobs of new memory for programmers to use. "Here's to no more out-of-memory exceptions. 🎉"

Data Viewer Enhancements Lead VS Code April Jupyter Update

Viewing data is easier in the April update of Jupyter tooling in Visual Studio Code.

Miguel de Icaza Stirs Up COBOL Talk with VS Code Tweet

Pointing to COBOL in VS Code, he says the barrier to his learning the 62-year-old language is gone: "We're now cooking with gas!"

Visual Studio 2019 v16.10 Preview 2: New Features for .NET, Containers, More

Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2019 v16.10 Preview 2, focusing on "developer productivity and convenience" with new features for .NET, Containers, C++, Accessibility and more.

Hands On: .NET MAUI Desktop, Hot Reload, Blazor WPF/WinForms Controls in .NET 6 Preview 3

"Now Windows joins Android, iOS, and macOS as target platforms you can reach with .NET MAUI!"

.NET 6 Gets Blazor WebView Controls for WPF, WinForms

With the controls, developers can embed Blazor code into existing apps that run on .NET 6, a unifying, all-things-.NET umbrella framework going GA in November.

.NET 6 Preview 3 Furthers 'Hot Reload Everywhere' Push for Blazor, More

.NET 6 Preview 3 includes early Hot Reload support for ASP.NET Core/Blazor web apps, furthering a push to make it available across the entire tooling gamut.

Microsoft Opens Up C# Standardization Work

C# standardization is now being carried out in an open source GitHub repo that details ongoing work to document the standard for the latest C# language versions.

.NET MAUI (Mobile/Desktop) with VS Code? It's Complicated

Yes, you can use .NET MAUI within VS Code -- if you're handy with a CLI and don't mind extra work and missing features. For the full experience, the Visual Studio IDE is the place to be.

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