PowerShell Crescendo Now Generally Available

It's used to create native commands by rapidly developing PowerShell cmdlets for common command-line tools, regardless of platform.

Migrating VB6 Code to .NET 6? Here's a Tool

"This means VB.NET developers can keep using VB, and go to .NET, and get to .NET Core all at once."

Microsoft Proposes Big JavaScript Change: 'We Do Expect Skepticism'

The company is supporting and collaborating on a proposal to bring optional and erasable type syntax to JavaScript, titled "ECMAScript proposal: Types as Comments."

Azure Sphere Back on Track, with Visual Studio 2022 Extension

After a previous version was canceled, Azure Sphere is back on track in version 22.02, which comes with a brand-new extension for Visual Studio 2022.

.NET 6 Runtime for AWS Lambda Unveiled

Amazon Web Services recently introduced the .NET 6 runtime for AWS Lambda, which means .NET-centric cloud coders can now do their serverless computing projects with the latest edition of Microsoft's open source developer platform, which debuted almost four months ago.

PowerShell Plans Unveiled After .NET 7 Hiccup

"We continue to work closely with the .NET team to align our releases, however we found some issues in .NET 7 preview 1 so we couldn't ship PowerShell 7.3 preview 2 with .NET 7."

Python in VS Code Now Supports Pre-Release Extension Option

Microsoft's dev team responsible for the Python in Visual Studio Code experience announced that its extension now supports pre-release versions for the latest cutting-edge bits.

New ASP.NET Core Migration Guidance

It shows how to share Model, View and Controller code from a 10-year-old MVC Music Store app used to demo ASP.NET MVC3.

Microsoft Previews Revamped 'WordPress on App Service' on Azure

Microsoft is previewing a new and improved WordPress on App Service on its Azure cloud computing platform.

VS Code v1.65 Update: New Theme, Audio Cues and Terminal Shell Integration (Preview)

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code February 2022 update (v1.65) comes with the usual raft of new features and functionality, including a new theme, audio cues and editor history navigation, along with a preview of terminal shell integration.

Microsoft Previews Edge Developer Tools for Visual Studio IDE

Microsoft is previewing Microsoft Edge Developers Tools for Visual Studio with an extension now available in the IDE's marketplace that lets developers preview ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core projects.

Microsoft Ships TypeScript 4.6

Are you ready for allowing code in constructors before super(), control flow analysis for destructured discriminated unions and improved recursion depth checks?

Going 'Where Developers Are,' Microsoft Contributes Foldable Tech to Flutter

Although Google's Flutter development platform might be seen as a competitor to Microsoft's Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI, Microsoft's Surface Duo dev team is continuing to contribute foldable tech to Google's open source mobile-centric project.

Block Stack

With Windows App SDK Update Coming, Microsoft Lauds Growing Ecosystem

With Windows App SDK v1.1 coming up soon, Microsoft is showing some love to vendors who have contributed to a growing ecosystem of third-party components, controls and other offerings for the Windows app development scheme.

GitHub Previews Faster Codespaces Creation with Prebuilds

GitHub announced a public beta of Codespaces prebuilds to speed up the creation of the cloud-hosted Visual Studio Code-based development environments.

Devs Sound Off on C# 11 Preview Features Like Parameter Null Checking

"It doesn't feel like a nice addition to the language and has already caused a lot of holy wars."

EF Core 7 Finally Divorces Old .NET Framework

Microsoft's new-age, open source, cross-platform data access tech doesn't run on the old, proprietary, Windows-only .NET Framework.

.NET 7 WebAssembly Plans: Mixed-Mode AOT, Multi-Threading, Web Crypto

In creating .NET 7, Microsoft will continue to improve functionality for WebAssembly, the tech behind client-side Blazor, with plans to boost Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation, multi-threading and cryptography support

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 6 Does Fix-Up

Last month's Visual Studio 2022 for Mac v17.0 Preview 5 was a big deal -- dumping the Mono runtime for .NET 6 -- but it also introduced some issues, which the dev team addressed in the new Preview 6.

.NET 7 Preview 1 Ships

Microsoft this week shipped .NET 7 Preview 1, the first look at the upcoming umbrella release that will finally unify all the disparate .NET dev tooling.

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