Practical .NET

User Controls as Objects

ASP.NET developers don't fully exploit User Controls -- until they start thinking of them as "User Interface" objects.

Create a Reporting Dashboard with WebPartZones (But Without WebParts)

All you need to let your users customize their Web pages is the ability to create UserControls.

Displaying and Updating Dynamic DataBound Columns with ObjectDataSource

Peter continues his series on integrating cascading DropDownLists with databound controls. But this time, he looks at what's different when you're using the ObjectDataSource.

Updating Dynamic DataBound Columns with SqlDataSource

Peter continues his series on integrating cascading DropDownLists with databound controls and the SqlDataSource.

Integrating Dynamic DataBound Columns with SqlDataSource

You've given your users cascading DropDownLists to make it easy for them to find the item they want -- but now your page won't update. Peter has a solution for single-tier applications using the SqlDataSource.

Integrating Master Pages + Content Pages + a Little AJAX

Getting your content and master pages to work side-by-side is easy, thanks to UpdatePanel.

Handling Runtime Errors Globally

Unhandled runtime errors hit the best of us. But if you catch them at the Page and Application levels, you'll save yourself a lot of grief.

Updating Multiple GridView Rows

Putting updateable controls in the ItemTemplate in a GridView gives developers what they want: the ability for users to change more than one row at a time. The cost is writing some extra code.

Accessing Connection Strings Reliably

Peter provides an alternative to the default mechanism for accessing connection string -- and plugs his next book.

Supporting Routing

Want to make life easier for your users? NET 3.5 SP1's routing technology has some extra features to let you do just that.

Decoding Routes

You can use ASP.NET Routing to decode meaningful URLs into real physical path names.

Routing Your ASP.NET Application

New for ASP.NET developers with .NET 3.5 SP1 is routing, an easy way to simplify site maintenance -- and give meaning to your users' lives.

Creating Master/Detail and Update Pages with Entity Framework

After using EF to drive a series of drop-down lists, Peter moves on to the next step: using EF to build a Master/Detail page.

Using the Entity Model to Create an ASP.NET Page

What's one test of a new technology? Seeing whether you can use it with the old technology.

Extending an Entity Framework Model -- and Some Limitations

To support a real page, your entity model is going to need multiple entities and associations between them. Here's how to add them.

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