Practical .NET

Updates in Entity Framework

A primer on how to update objects, including adds and deletes, in the Entity Framework.

WebSockets for Faster, More Scalable Ajax Applications

If you want to call a service you can—but the service can't call you back. WebSockets offers the potential for real, two way communications -- and it's as simple as calling a Web Service.

Using MEF to Retrieve Connection Strings

Rather than try to ensure that he's getting the right config file for his production and test systems, Peter Vogel lets the application configure itself, using the Managed Extensibility Framework to enable automatic selection of the right connection string

Using the Form View with Any Data Collection

The ASP.NET DataViews are powerful tools when coupled with a DataSource. But you can skip the DataSource and use the DataViews to handle displaying and updating any collection of objects you want, with a few lines of code.

To Think in LINQ

If you start "thinking in LINQ" you'll get more done with less code, and what you write will be simpler than using SQL.

ASP.NET: Managing DOM Events Interoperably

Peter Vogel introduces you to the new dynamic event model for JavaScript that's available in all the contemporary browsers.

Simplify Workflow with Custom Activities

The number of built-in Activities that you can use to create a service that handles a long running service is small. Fortunately, it's easy to add additional Activities that wrap up business logic.

Dynamically Loading Classes at Runtime

Making the right runtime design decisions can help -- or harm -- your program.

Insider: Design Patterns and Dynamic Runtime Configuration

Peter Vogel helps you understand the benefits of dynamic loading at runtime.

WCF: Creating Long-Running Services

Not all business operations finish in seconds. Using Windows Communication Foundation you can still create -- as a single project -- an application that supports business services that take hours (or days or weeks or months) to complete.

ASP.NET MVC: Improving Productivity with the WebGrid

The WebGrid will certainly make the developers who use it more productive. But is it missing the point of the ASP.NET MVC model?

Deploying Lists in SharePoint with Visual Studio 2010

Since the best tool for creating a list is SharePoint itself, why not take advantage of it when deploying a new list to your SharePoint solution? Visual Studio 2010 lets you do that.

Insider: Secrets of Debugging

Faced with reviewing large swaths of other people's code, Peter Vogel is left to ask: what does it really take to be good at debugging?

Batting Clean up with Reader Questions

Peter Vogel answers reader questions, including extending custom sections in the config file, using CreateQuery and ESQL in the Entity Framework, and reading lambda expressions.

Insider: Thinking About SOA

Practical .NET columnist Peter Vogel ponders some of the assumptions and decisions that go into building out an SOA, and wonders if there might be better approaches.

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