Practical .NET

My Biggest ASP.NET Programming Mistake

VSM columnist Peter Vogel builds an ASP.NET application that is too clever by half, and finds himself at odds with the very environment he is supposed to be leveraging.

Drawing Conclusions from the jQuery Extensions

Peter Vogel wraps up his review of the jQuery extensions by waxing philosophical about what those extensions mean to the kind of tools that developers should expect.

Implementing Deletes with Template Event Handlers

Peter Vogel implements deletes for rows in a template by adding event handlers to the template. He also looks at a feature of the tmpl plugin that he wasn't able to shoehorn into his sample project. (Part 3 of 4)

Supporting Updates with jQuery Data Linking

Peter extends his AJAX page with jQuery's new data linking technology. This supports letting the user make changes on the client that are passed back to a Web service that updates the database on the server.

Displaying and Filtering Data with jQuery Templates

Building on the new jQuery extensions for displaying multiple rows, Peter builds a page that retrieves data from a Web Service based on the user's input -- and filters the data in the client as well.

Setting Up for jQuery Templates

Peter Vogel prepares to try out the new jQuery templating/databinding functionality to create a simple AJAX-enabled page that allows the user to select a customer and retrieve from a Web service all the orders associated with that customer.

Platforms Question: Silverlight and ASP.NET

Peter Vogel reviews the decision that organizations will have to make in choosing between Silverlight and ASP.NET.

Encrypting the WebConfig (A Return)

Peter Vogel returns to encrypting web.config files in subfolders and encrypting non-standard sections. Sort of everything you wanted to know about encrypting the web.config file but were afraid someone would tell you.

2010: The Year in ASP.NET

With the new year upon us, Peter Vogel looks back at some of the big changes and advancements in ASP.NET in 2010.

Crystal Reports vs. SQL Server Reporting Services

If you're trying to decide whether to use Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services with ASP.NET, you can rest assured that there is no bad choice.

Extending the ListView

Peter moves beyond the basics of setting up a ListView to add databound controls, control headers and footers and turn on updating.

Working with the ListView

The ListView is the most powerful of the DataView controls and the hardest to work with. Here's how to minimize the pain while getting all the benefits.

Integrating AJAX and a Client-Side Grid in ASP.NET MVC

Peter completes his series on integrating AJAX and a client-side control by implementing it in ASP.NET MVC. And he draws some conclusions on client-side development in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and in the world at large.

JavaScript Controls with WCF and ASP.NET

Peter moves ahead with integrating a sophisticated client-side JavaScript control but this time, he's using WCF to implement his Web services. Along the way, though, he gets ASMX services to work.

Updating Rows with a Client-side Grid

Peter continues exploring incorporating client-side JavaScript controls into ASP.NET applications -- and runs into what appears to be a brick wall when he tries to implement updates.

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