Practical .NET

Let Users Save From ASP.NET

Export the content of your ASP.NET pages to standard Office document types to avoid having to create separate reports.

Build Printable ASP.NET Pages

Provide printing capabilities in your ASP.NET apps using server-side controls and JavaScript automation, or by using VS.NET add-in tools such as Crystal Reports.

Build Web Sites Using Master Pages

ASP.NET 2.0 master pages enable you to set the common content for a group of Web pages quickly and easily, while also providing for each page's unique content.

Create Cool Custom Tables

Learn how to create and customize data-intensive tables in ASP.NET Web applications.

Shrink ASP.NET Code by 70 Percent

ASP.NET 2.0's new features let you create and maintain data-driven Web apps with 70 percent less code than you needed with ASP.NET 1.0

Simplify Site Updates With Templates

Use a template to create a consistent look and feel for a Web site that doesn't require the end user who updates the site to be a programmer himself.

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