The Only Add-In Always Used

There's only one add-in that I have auto-loaded every time I fire up the Classic VB IDE. After disappearing from the market, it's back now, and it's free!

Using a Standard Terminal Font

Need to recreate that olde-timey Terminal look? There's a stock object built into every version of Windows that'll serve that need.

.NET 4 Revealed

As applications take flight beyond the desktop, the .NET Framework is trying to keep pace. The programming environment, which debuted in 2002 and today ships with Windows, SQL Server and Visual Studio, remains the consistent foundation for Microsoft's proliferating toolsets.

Determining Process Times

Here's the least complicated method for determining how long a given process has been running or how much CPU time it's actually consumed. This technique is used here to establish how long Windows has been running.

Mining the Registry for Structures

Need to extract binary data from the registry? Here's a quick primer on reading and interpreting structures stored there.

What's Old Is New Again

Aligning SQL in the cloud to SQL on the ground is about more than just common sense. It's about getting things done.

Prisoner of Geography

When it comes to our understanding of Unicode issues, the "Born in the USA!" chant (no matter how you feel about The Boss) can almost amount to a proclamation of cultural ignorance.

Working with Multiple Monitors

Most of the time it doesn't matter where the user puts your application's windows, but every now and then you really need to know -- or even decide this for yourself.

Generate Code from Custom File Formats

Create a custom tool to provide a flexible and easy way to generate code on demand.

Create Anonymous Types

Taking a careful look at the capabilities the compiler gives to anonymous types provides an excellent tutorial on what you should consider when you create your types -- including whether they are classes or structs.

Forward Compatibility

While moving code backward is nice, what really matters is that code can move forward.

Use Iterators in VB Now

Iterators are a crucial part of modern programming, not least because they provide the basis for collection traversal using For Each loops. Language Integrated Query (LINQ) adds to the importance of iterators, as iterators are the source of IEnumerable(Of T) that forms the backbone of LINQ. Learn how to take advantage of them in your code with several different techniques for creating your own iterators in VB.

Where Did All The Developers Go?

If programmers are leaving VB and aren't going to C#, where are they going?

Lemme Tell Ya Where To Stick It

In these days of increasingly common least-privileged users, where should you store your application data?

Windows Workflow Changes Direction

Learn how Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0 changes everything you thought you knew about workflow. Also, learn why using string primary keys is a bad idea; find out where to get a data grid for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF); overcome the annoying issue of files not loading at runtime; and copy files into the executable directory.

Got One Right!

Can you name one thing Microsoft designed right the first time?

Speed O/R Mapping with LINQ to SQL

LINQ to SQL continues to be a top contender in the .NET object/relational mapping tool market despite Microsoft's promotion of the Entity Framework as one of the "Pillars of SQL Server 2008: Dynamic Development."

What C# Devs Should Know About VB Programming

VB and C# share many similarities, but also have a handful of significant differences; learn what you need to know to program effectively in VB as a C# programmer.

On the Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages

Developers of VB and C# can learn a lot from the similarities -- and differences -- between the two.

What VB Devs Should Know About C# Programming

Chances are C# is not your first programming language. Here are several tips that can help you leverage C# better if you already know VB.NET.