New Features in TFS 2008

Jeff walks you through the best of what's new in Team Foundation Server 2008, starting with the many helpful additions to Version Control.

Microsoft Officials Detail Visual Studio 2008 Rollout Plan

In announcing today that it will release to manufacturing Visual Studio 2008 this month, Microsoft is meeting the most optimistic forecasts for when the long anticipated upgrade to its flagship IDE would ship.

Developers Respond to .NET Source Release

Developers sound off on the release of .NET Framework source code

Banish UAC Issues

User Account Control (UAC) issues usually result from improperly allowing administrator-level access in your applications. Learn how UAC works and make such problems a thing of the past.

Protect and Authenticate Your Apps

Get the Code Protector SDK, plus new VS 2005 SDK v4 samples, Microsoft Windows Search 3.x SDK and more.

Fortify SCA 5.0 Extends App Protection

Fortify Software updates app-dev security and management suite.

C#'s Exploding Mindshare

Why is C# taking the lead over VB.NET?

First Look: The Curl Development Environment

Going into this review, I was not at all sure what to expect. I had no prior knowledge of Curl, although some preliminary research revealed it to be an object-oriented hybrid markup language with similarities to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Testing AJAX Applications with VSTS 2008

Jeff walks you through the new method of validating AJAX code in Visual Studio Team System 2008 (no Fiddler required!).

Tool Ports VB.NET to Java

New tool assists in Visual Basic-to-Java translation.

Domain-Specific Languages

Develop your own graphical languages with Microsoft's DSL Tools.

Microsoft Takes Step Toward Opening .NET 3.5 Framework

In a surprise move, Microsoft said today it is releasing the reference source code for the .NET Framework libraries, a key step toward opening up the proprietary development platform.

Drill Down on Anonymous Types

Learn the details on the new anonymous types and nullable type features in VB 9 (VB 2008).

Software Configuration Management and TFS Version Control

Jeff walks you through how to configure Team Foundation Server for optimal software management.

Get Critical VB6 Updates

Microsoft releases critical VB6 patch. Plus VB 2005 Power Packs 2.0, new VS 2008 downloads and more.

Enable the Application Framework in VB

Learn what enabling the application framework in VB actually does and what an invariant culture is and how you take advantage of it.

MySQL Upgrades Flagship Database, Services

Release of MySQL 6.0 is expected in mid-2008.

Microsoft Taps Zander To Head Visual Studio Group

Microsoft has re-organized its developer division, tapping .NET Framework head Jason Zander to oversee the team that puts together Visual Studio, the company's flagship development environment.

Vista Versus VB

Microsoft's pledge to support the VB 6.0 runtime via Vista may not be as promising as it seems -- here's what you really need to know.

WPF Goes to Work

Windows Presentation Foundation has been greatly underserved by Microsoft’s emphasis on glitz and glamour; learn how to take advantage of WPF in your everyday Windows business apps.

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