Serialize Data to the Clipboard

Learn how to copy all the custom data formats in objects to the clipboard and determine which ones are appropriate when you paste.

VS 2008 Beta 2 Debuts

Get the latest downloads related to Visual Studio 2008 (formerly Orcas).

Microsoft To Buy Parlano

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it intends to buy Parlano, a Chicago-based company it has already worked closely with on enterprise communications software.

VS Beta 2: Bug Fixes, Final Features, Polish and Shine

Microsoft's flagship IDE should ship by December.

Search & Destroy Bugs

Learn how to write programs that not only protect themselves from bugs, but that also seek them out and destroy them.

Get the Latest Orcas CTP

Orcas is coming! Plus other download goodies this month.

Utilize Constraints in Custom Generic Classes

Learn how constraints work when creating custom generic classes; display the VB splash screen for an extended period of time; and preserve Handles clauses when you cut-and-paste them.

Load Up With VB's Operators

Take an in-depth look at operators in Visual Basic; examine the rules and guidelines for operator overloading; and learn about ternary operators and operator lifting.

Mad Libbing the Microsoft Way

If you're a Visual Studio developer, you're now a [fill in the blank] developer. The way Microsoft has updated this line over time says a lot about the versatility of its core tools and development platform.

Infragistics' NetAdvantage for ASP.NET: AJAX-Enable Web Sites

Ken Cox reviews Infragistics suite of more than 30 controls for building AJAX-enabled ASP.NET Web applications, including grid, chart, toolbar, menu, editors, data entry, and scheduling controls.

VB Does VB

Get the latest downloads.

Implement Expandable Menus

Learn how to create expandable menus such as you find in Office; handle mouse up/down events properly; and create a custom toolstrip button.


Readers respond to Kathleen Dollard's Guest Opinion that asserted no developer can remain competent given the rate of change in developer tools and technologies.

Accelerate Apps With Velocity Reporting

Learn to set up and change durations in a supply-chain application that's both metadata- and template-driven.

Dotfuscator, PDF Suite 3.0, More

Learn about the latest and greatest products available from vendors that provide tools and services for Visual Studio .NET.

Agile Coding, or Software Factory

Agile coding and the software factory approach to coding both offer strong benefits for developers, but following either to its extreme logical end can stunt productivity.

Windows Workflow Foundation

Should you code your business logic or use a workflow model?

The Best .NET Products of 2007

VSM reveals the best of 2007 with its updated product guide and the announcement of this year's annual Readers Choice Award winners.

Shine a (Silver)Light on Me

So you think you've got a handle on Orcas and .NET 3.0/3.5? Brace yourself as Microsoft casts everything in a new (Silver)light.

Honoring Third-Party Vendors

VSM reveals the best of 2007 with its updated product guide and the announcement of this year's annual Readers Choice Award winners.

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