Whip WPF Snippets Into Shape

Learn how to work around some ugly behavior in WPF when relying on the provided code snippets; change the output of provided WPF snippets; resolve dependency issues in Windows Workflow; and more.

QA Wizard Pro 2007, NetAdvantage for WPF 2007

Learn about the latest and greatest products available from vendors that provide tools and services for Visual Studio .NET.


Readers chime in on the format of the magazine and the new What's Hot department.

Gauntlet: Dive Deeply Into the Build Process

Keep track of build histories with this robust ALM tool that provides continuous integration and code coverage for agile software development.

XAML: Rethink How You Code UIs

XAML (and WPF and WF) promise to change how we program. But before you can put it to use, you need a firm understanding of what this technology is and what its strengths are.

Orcas and SilverLight Betas Debut

Get the latest downloads for Orcas Beta 1, Entity Framework designer, and the SilverLight framework.

Fuzzing Fundmentals

Secure your software with fuzz testing.

Ride Out the .NET Programming Revolution

A .NET revolution is underway, but you can act now to make sure that you avoid becoming a casualty of this process and minimize its impact on your own coding.

Give Your Users a Voice

.NET 3.0 introduces several new features that simplify utilizing speech in your applications.

All About LINQ

Integrating data queries into VB and C#

NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2007

This comprehensive suite of Windows Forms controls for .NET applications features external style support, and faithful reproduction of Microsoft's UI.

Pace of Change Leaves No One Competent

The pace of change is on the verge of putting one-man shops out of business; no one is capable of remaining truly competent as a general .NET programmer.

Beautify Your Code With Extensions

Extension methods bring together old and new ways of working with data, and open the doors to new language opportunities.


A reader asserts that new isn't necessarily better, merely different; and a reader explains how the editor in chief used the term jump the shark incorrectly in a recent editorial.

FarPoint Spread for Web Forms 3.0, More

Learn about the latest and greatest products available from vendors that provide tools and services for Visual Studio .NET.

Use Enums Across Assembly Boundaries

Call a combo box across assembly boundaries with generics and enums; add contact information with Assembly Information; and drill down on FxCop spelling rules.

Update Local Data Caches with Sync Services

The Microsoft Synchronization Services 1.0 API for SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition and the new Sync Designer in the Orcas March 2007 CTP team up to generate a local data cache that synchronizes incrementally and bidirectionally with SQL Server Express.

Thinking Outside the VS Box

Editor in chief Patrick Meader explains why the magazine (generally) forbids discussion of third-party products, while allowing authors to discuss non-Visual Studio-specific tools from Microsoft.

Lay Down the Law on Code Rules

It can be intimidating at first, but it helps you in the long run to run your code against a static code analyzer like FxCop; also learn how to use dynamic analysis to test your forms during runtime.

String.Together Snazzy String Routines

String handling is one of the most basic -- and important -- capabilities that all developers must deal with. Learn how to take maximum advantage of the way VB .NET handles strings.