Build RESTful ASP.NET Apps

Create a virtual page handler that lets you deliver data directly from your database to your Web users. The handler also lets you move your app into the world of REST Web Services.

CodeRush 2, More

The latest products for VSM readers.

Manage State With The State Pattern

A site's VirtualPathManager acts as a dispatcher for requests. In addition to invoking your VirtualFile objects, the path manager can also pass requests to the default ASP.NET path manager.

VB .NET Is Too Darn Hard

A reader agrees with Rockford Lhotka's assertion that software is too darn hard to use, and recommends that Microsoft think about this from the perspective of Visual Basic .NET.

Create Dedicated Service Handlers

Creating your own HTTP handler in ASP.NET 1.1 or 2.0 gives you a flexible and fast way to move data to clients, browsers, and other Web pages.

Learn to Read a Data Model

Data models provide important insights into your company's business. Learn how to read one, as well as some tips for creating strong data models of your own.

Manage the Business Object Lifecycle

Using business objects effectively requires understanding the nuances of their life cycles.

Take Advantage of Continuous Integration

Compiling your applications frequently can help you save time, effort, and sleepless nights down the road. Learn how to implement this system using the open source tool, Draco.NET.

ActiveReports for .NET 3.0, More

Third-party tools can rock your world; check out a range of offerings here, from report writers, to editors and imaging toolkits. There's something here for everyone.

Roll Your Own Control Designers

It's not enough to build a great custom control to help your end users -- you must also help other developers use your control.

Don't Neglect Your Skills

A reader explains that job market forces often force developers to opt for the latest and greatest, rather than tried and tested; another reader explains why he voted for no products in the most recent Readers Choice Awards survey.

Loop Your Way to Tighter Code

Take advantage of Loops in Visual Basic .NET to save coding effort, as well as to create more readable and maintainable code.

Enforce Password Complexity Policies

Build a component to accommodate changing requirements without having to recompile your code.

ADX Extensions for Outlook, More

Graphical imaging tools and components are the theme in July's look at recent releases for VB and .NET developers.

Top Visual Studio Products Honored

VSM presented its annual Readers Choice Awards to the Visual Studio vendor community.

I Like VB6

A reader explains that he likes VB6, and that is enough; another reader comments on the disconnect between Bill Gates' charitable work and Microsoft's (and other companies') assistance to the Chinese government in helping it stifle dissent.

BCGControlBar Library Version 8.6, More

From libraries to encryption, from refactoring to imaging, debugging, and lifecycle management—don't let anyone tell you there's not a rich selection of third-party tools awaiting.

Combine Static and Dynamic Types

Late binding can bring great flexibility to Visual Basic programmers, but it has a serious downside in eliminating static-type checking and IntelliSense support. Use a static wrapper for dynamic code to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Read This -- OrElse

VB differs from other .NET-languages in that it doesn't provide short-circuited conditional statements, but you can still achieve the same effect, and be backward compatible with pre-.NET versions of VB.

IP*Works: Simplify Internet Development

Take advantage of /n software's IP*Works to simplify a variety of Internet-related tasks, from working with SOAP, to handling tasks related to HTTP, DNS, and FTP seamlessly.

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