Barcode ASP.NET Web Control 1.5, More

Everything from barcode components to testing, from Help-authoring enhancements to e-mail capabilities and software localization?it's all here in the May product listings.

Implement a File Transfer Web Service

Implement a Web service that performs a binary file transfer using Web Service Enhancements 3.0 and MTOM.

Leverage New ASP.NET Security Controls

Learn how to integrate ASP.NET's built-in security tools with the features of your existing site.

Build Better Collections With Generics

Take advantage of .NET 2.0's addition of generics to provide better collections functionality in your applications.

Understand Variable Scoping and Definite Assignment

Learn how to scope your variables correctly, as well as the rules governing definite assignment in C#.

The Future of Software Architecture

In an exclusive interview, John deVadoss discusses software architecture and Microsoft's new certification program.

Test Drive VB9 and DLinq

The January 2006 Language Integrated Query (LINQ) preview for the next ("Orcas") version of Visual Basic enables automating SQL Server object-relational mapping for DLinq and enhances XLinq syntax for literal XML and late binding.

Customize Security in ASP.NET 2.0

ASP.NET 2.0 provides a robust set of functionality for implementing rich and flexible forms authentication in your applications.

Exploit Collections in VB

Take advantage of collections to both simplify and enhance your VB business applications.

Software Is Too Darn Hard

Rockford Lhotka argues that the software development process is overly complicated, with an emphasis on what is fun for the developer to do, but with too little consideration of the user's needs.

Expand Your Skills, or Perish

The software world is changing-fast-and you need to adapt to these changes if you want to remain relevant from a professional standpoint.

Reduce Your Code Vulnerability

Take advantage of these eight, simple tips to reduce your code's vulnerability to attacks ranging from buffer overflow, to SQL injection attacks, to decompilation.

Developer Interface v3.0, More

New products for VSM readers.

Write a Web-Based Unit Test

Take advantage of testing features in Visual Studio Team System for Software Testers to produce higher-quality Web applications.

Resources for Application Lifecycle Management

Delve into application lifecycle management with this list of resources compiled by the staff of FTPOnline.

Interview Makes Its Mark

A reader offers kudos for recent interviews on the back page of the magazine; also, new letters in the ongoing VB6 versus .NET debate.

BA Architect, More

Take a look at the latest product updates, plus a new data management tool for developers working with ADO.NET compatible data sources.

Brainpower Makes the Difference

A reader disputes that prospects for programmers are declining, arguing instead that it is brainpower and know-how that make the difference today. If you have them, you'll be fine.

Negotiate Between Web Parts

Learn how to create a dynamic application where Web Parts negotiate what data they will share with each other.

VB Gets Productive

In an exclusive interview, Bill McCarthy, a frequent contributor and advisor to VSM and member of Microsoft's software design review team for VB, discusses the imminent release of Visual Studio 2005 with VSM's editor-in-chief, Patrick Meader. The theme of the day: productivity, productivity, and, well, more productivity.

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