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A reader likes what he sees in the newest version of Visual Basic and asks to see articles that explore some of its features; another reader agrees with Peter Varhol that security is ultimately the responsibility of the end user.

Find Bottlenecks in VS.NET Code

Take a look at the latest VS.NET add-ins, including a product that not only lets you find bottlenecks in your code, but also helps you determine their cause.

Visual Studio 2005 Premieres

Visual Studio 2005 includes new language features and development tools, but do you need it? Delve into this analysis of Microsoft's much-anticipated release, plus a look at what's ahead in Orcas.

Microsoft Sets Its Sights on Collaboration

Microsoft made several key announcements at PDC that indicate a strong push in the area of collaboration, shoring up many existing holes.

Putting Productivity Back in VB

Go behind Visual Basic 2005's productivity enhancements such as generics, data binding, My Classes, edit-and-continue, and more.

Optimize ASP.NET Performance

Take advantage of these performance tips, and make your ASP.NET applications fly whether you use version 1.1 or 2.0.

Make the Leap to .NET

Developers encourage VB6ers to delve into .NET code (whether VB.NET or C#) and take the plunge into the latest languages. The move isn't trivial, but it'll be worth they effort.

Convert C# Code

Check out the latset add-ins to Visual Studio, including a product that helps you convert C# code to C++ at the project, folder, file, and snippet levels.

Web.UI 3.0: Improve Your Web Site

ComponentArt's Web.UI 3.0 provides a variety of tools that help you bring your Web site to life. Each component includes broad functionality and excellent documentation and sample code.

The Best .NET Products of 2005

Here's the list of the best software products as chosen by Visual Studio Magazine readers. These highly coveted awards were issued in Las Vegas at FTP's VSLive! conference.

Visualize Code With the VSTS Class Designer

Visual Studio Team System's Class Designer allows you to reverse-engineer and visualize existing code in order to better understand it. It ensures that your object model and documentation remain accurate and helpful throughout your app's cycle.

Discouraging Moves From VB6 to C#

A VSM reader argues that Java and C/C++ developers should move to C#, while VB programmers should stick to VB.NET.

SourceGear Vault 3.0: Lock Up Your Code

SourceGear Vault 3.0 takes advantage of SQL Server's support for transactions, referential integrity, security, and more to protect your code. Plus a look at Wise Package Studio Professional 5.6

CodeSmith Professional: Generate Code Rapidly

CodeSmith Professional Edition is code-generation tool that uses a template-based approach with a syntax similar to ASP.NET's. Plus a quick look at Graphics Server .NET.

Editors Choice Awards Inspire and Innovate

VSM's 2005 Editors Choice awards, Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, are innovative products that are likely to have a significant impact on the everyday lives of developers.

VB6 Petition Sparks Controversy

A petition for Microsoft to continue premier-level VB6 support sparks a debate amongst readers, as opinions range from support to outrage.

Take Charge of Your Own Security

Microsoft has improved security for its overall platform in several key areas, but holes remain, most notably in its developer tools.

Letters to the Editor

A group of MVPs recently initiated a petition for Microsoft to extend support of Classic VB. VSM readers encourage this group to drop the crusade and let the .NET river run its course.

Leverage Databinding With Less Code

Databinding in ASP.NET 2.0 is a different beast from its original implementation in ASP.NET -- there are more databinding controls and a radically different approach that gets more done with less code.

Simplify Tasks Across Platforms

Take a look at the latest third-party add-ons, including one that simplifies managing, running, and scheduling tasks across platforms to enable application integration and data-center automation.

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