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    Visual Studio Live! (VSLive!™) Is proud to be one of the most respected, longest-standing independent developer conferences, bringing folks together for intense developer education on the Microsoft Stack, knowledge-share and networking for over 28 years.

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Upcoming Events

  • August 8-12, 2022
    Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, WA
    5 Day Conference
    Microsoft HQ
    VSLive!™ returns to where it all began - Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, WA, August 8-12, 2022. Join us @ Microsoft HQ for in-depth training from Microsoft's industry leaders and independent technical gurus and learn more about .NET 6 and .NET MAUI, Blazor, ASP.NET Core, DevOps, Full Stack Web Development, Azure, and More.
  • August 24-25, 2022
    2-Day Virtual Training Seminar
    Intro to Azure
    Introduction to Azure Data Platform for Data Professionals [Hands-On]
    Attend this 2-Day hands-on seminar to learn about the major functions and benefits of data-related service offerings in Azure, including relational databases, non-relational databases, data pipeline and integration services, data warehouse platforms, data security and monitoring, data storage options, introductory machine learning services, and analytics services.
  • September 14-15, 2022
    2-Day Virtual Training Seminar
    LINQ in .NET 6 from the Ground Up [Hands-On]
    This 2-Day VSLive! hands-on seminar shows you common, and uncommon, examples where you might have used loops in the past, and how to translate those into LINQ queries. LINQ is very powerful and generally is much faster than using loops, so start using it today.
  • September 19-20, 2022
    2-Day Virtual Training Seminar
    Secure ASP.NET Apps
    Developing Secure ASP.NET Web Apps [Hands-On]
    This technical, hands-on VSLive! training seminar is targeted to .NET and ASP.NET developers, as well as architects, technology managers, and technical leadership, that want to better understand security threats and vulnerabilities that might be at risk in their applications, and ultimately want to improve the security posture of their applications and hosting environments to help prevent those attacks.
  • September 25 - 29, 2022
    Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, CA
    5 Day Conference
    San Diego
    Develop your coding edge in sunny Southern California when VSLive!™ brings our unique brand of unbiased, practical developer training to the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego! Register for the 5-Day Conference Pass and let VSLive! help you sharpen your skills and take your career to the next level.
  • October 26-27, 2022
    2-Day Virtual Training Seminar
    DevSecOps Deep-Dive
    DevSecOps Deep-Dive with GitHub and Azure [Seminar]
    Good DevOps needs to really be good DevSecOps. But how do you get started? Join this VSlive! 2-Day Seminar if you are involved in building solutions for the Azure Cloud and want to do it right with a good DevSecOps flow.
  • November 13-18, 2022
    Royal Pacific Resort at Universal, Orlando, FL
    6 Day Conference
    VSLive!™ Orlando is part of Live! 360 – bringing you five co-located conferences together for one great price. Take advantage of the Developer, Data, AI, SQL, Cloud, and IT Pro training, expert speakers, and networking opportunities available in Orlando this November! Discover for yourself why Live! 360℠ Orlando is THE Ultimate Education Destination!
  • December 6-7, 2022
    2-Day Virtual Training Seminar
    Infrastructure as Code
    Exploring Infrastructure as Code [Hands-On]
    Join this 2-day, technical, hands-on VSLive! training seminar to learn how to define, create, update, and remove whole system environments using all three Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions available for creating infrastructure in Azure, namely Bicep, Terraform and Pulumi.
  • December 12-15, 2022
    4-Day Virtual Training Seminar
    Build .NET Apps
    Full Stack Hands-On Development With .NET (Core) [Hands-On]
    In this information intense VSLive! 4-day hands-on deep dive, you will use the entire stack of Microsoft's open source development platform, .NET (formerly known as .NET Core) to build an end-to-end set of applications.

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