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Free eBook on Xamarin.Forms Enterprise App Patterns Published -- Visual Studio Magazine


News ... It includes the following functionality: ... "Guidance is provided on how to implement MVVM, dependency injection, navigation, validation and configuration management while maintaining loose coupling," Microsoft said in a blog post.


Your First TypeScript Angular 2 App -- Visual Studio Magazine


Because I'm going to have Angular2's dependency injection engine take care of instantiating this class, I also need to import ... To make my class injectable through Angular2's dependency injection engine, I decorate my class with Injectable.


Visual Studio 2017 15.3, .NET Core 2.0 Trio Previews Now Out -- Visual Studio Magazine


... under VS 2017 15.3; .NET Standard Nuget packages no longer have required dependencies, since they get their dependencies from the .NET Core SDK. ... that can help developers avoid accidentally offering ways into their apps via SQL injection.


Chain of Responsibility and Adapting to Change in Complex Apps -- Visual Studio Magazine


As a company's problems continue to become more complicated, your code will become ... Peter Vogel ... If you're using a Dependency Injection Manager like Unity or MEF, you might use it in the method that creates the next chain object.


20 New Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio 2015 -- Visual Studio Magazine


... handling, exception handling and logging and Autofac dependency injection containers. ... Plus also uses Apache log4net as its logging framework and Ninject for dependency injection. ... Vulnerabilities in dependencies are another altogether.


Testing Only the Code You Write: Isolating Components with Moq -- Visual Studio Magazine


... into the database, I'm still dependent on CustomerRepository (and whatever classes ... If my code was using a dependency injection manager (and I think Microsoft's Managed Extensibility Framework would be a good choice here) I might be able ...


3 Ways to Manage Dependent Classes in the .NET Framework -- Visual Studio Magazine


... of the work of configuring the SalesOrder). Site Injection The third option for inserting a dependency is "site injection": The object is passed as a ... all this code yourself -- there are dependency injection containers that will take care ...


16 New Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio -- Visual Studio Magazine


... .NET Framework-based web framework based on MVC and OWIN, that includes its own dependency injection (Simplify.DI) and templating engine (Simplify.Templates). ... work out of creating well written, self-documenting dependency injection code.


Creating a Flexible, Extendable Update Process -- Visual Studio Magazine


Fortunately, you can break those updates down into a bunch of simple processes that ... You could use a dependency injection engine of some kind that would find the related objects and load them (I'd choose MEF, but that's just me).


Customize Authentication with ASP.NET Identity -- Visual Studio Magazine


... services collection, allowing it to be injected anywhere that an IUserValidator< ... Under the hood this uses a simple dependency injection container. ... If you're not familiar with dependency injection, you might want to take a look at my ...

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