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Accelerate Data-Driven Apps

Check out the latest Visual Studio .NET add-ins, including a product that helps you accelerate the creation of data-driven enterprise applications.

InstallAnywhere.NET produces Windows Installer-compliant packages that configure and deploy enterprise-class Windows and .NET Framework-based applications. It features early validation, problem detection, and the ability to analyze installation logs and troubleshoot problems during MSI package authoring. InstallAnywhere.NET features pure Windows Installer technology; a customizable, extensible build environment; real-time problem determination and issue resolution; built-in localization; optimization for .NET application installations; Windows Installer log analysis; and extended functionality with built-in and custom actions. $1,199.
Zero G Software
Phone: 415-512-7771

InstallAware Enterprise
InstallAware Enterprise helps you build and deploy complex software installations. InstallAware setups run on all existing Win32 platforms and don't require the .NET Framework, while the IDE itself runs on the .NET platform. It offers a visual scripting environment that helps you configure databases and services, install IIS applications, terminate running programs, and resume an installation across multiple system reboots. The setup plug-ins available in the Enterprise edition add support for installing runtimes such as Internet Explorer and the Java Virtual Machine. Any InstallAware Enterprise setup may "shell to" multiple MSI installations to install, reinstall, upgrade, or remove third-party software. This "shelling" mechanism preserves the original setup logic as intended by the package author and avoids additional complexities and errors introduced by setup reengineering. The interface lets you customize and build any setup on the fly. Enterprise $799.95; Professional $499.95.
MimarSinan International
Phone: 011-90-312-240-2806; +90-312-240-2806

Perforce SCM System
The Perforce SCM System features software configuration management capabilities built around a scalable client/server architecture. Requiring only TCP/IP, you can access the Perforce Server through a variety of Perforce clients, including Windows GUI, Web, or command-line. Perforce includes version control, workspace management, atomic change transactions, and a branching model to develop and maintain multiple codelines. Perforce Server manages the Perforce central file repository, tracks Perforce user operations, and records activity in the Perforce SCM database. P4Win, the Perforce Windows Client, provides access to Perforce with a Windows Explorer look and feel. P4, the Perforce Command-Line Client, is self-contained, scriptable, and available on more than 50 platforms. P4Web, the Perforce Web Client, turns any Web browser into a complete user interface to Perforce. Starts at $750.
Perforce Software
Phone: 510-864-7400; +44-0-1252-861400

Real-Time Graphics Tools for .Net
Real-Time Graphics Tools for .Net is an object-oriented, .NET-based toolkit that helps you add real-time graphics to your C# and VB.NET applications. It features more than 30 types of real-time displays, including scrolling graphs, bar indicators, dials, meters, clocks, annunciators, and digital panel meter indicators. It also supports advanced, time/date coordinate systems required for real-time reporting in financial markets, process monitoring, and automation. Users can interact with charts, adding annotations, defining custom tooltips, and zooming into a particular region of a real-time plot. The software is written entirely in C# and works with all platforms and browsers compatible with the .NET Framework. $100 for a one-year subscription.
Phone: 508-359-6639

ReSharper is a fully integrated VS.NET 2003 plug-in that offers C# developers refactoring and code-editing assistance. It features enhanced navigation, such as the ability to jump instantly between a method and its declaration or between a method in a base class or interface and its implementation. It also features shortcuts to open a class or file by typing a partial name; Smart Type code completion and multiple choices for variable naming that reflect type; live templates for context-based value substitution and automatic code expansion; enhanced highlighting of fields, local variables, and classes; and support for refactoring, including key types such as Rename, Change Method Signature, Introduce Variable, and Extract Method. $99.
Phone: 609-714-7883; +420-2-4172-2501


mapforce 2004 Release 4
mapforce 2004 maps data between input sources and output targets using a drag-and-drop interface, then generates programming code automatically in Java, C++, and C#. The new version features the ability to map any combination of XML, database, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data into XML and/or databases. It also includes added support for popular relational databases, including Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, and any ADO/ODBC database. The mapforce Engine lets you preview the output of any mapping project, even if one or more of the sources is a database or an EDI file, or if the target is a database. You can also add existing XSLT files as libraries, and all named templates in those files automatically become available as data transformation functions. $249 Professional; $599 Enterprise.
Phone: 978-816-1600; 43-1-545-5155-0

Modularis Accelerator 6
Modularis Accelerator 6 is an Architected-RAD environment for the .NET platform. It extends the .NET Framework by automating repetitive programming tasks, enforcing consistent application of best practices, and providing a scalable and flexible architecture. Modularis Accelerator provides tested and freely distributable libraries. Accelerator integrates tightly with Visual Studio .NET to automate the development of code. Accelerator helps you focus more on design, business logic, and user interface implementation. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 312-648-1740

SmartScan Xpress ICR/OCR/OMR 4
SmartScan Xpress ICR/OCR/OMR version 4 is a .NET control, COM component, and VCL that helps you recognize characters and marks, define forms, recognize forms, and perform image cleanup. Version 4 includes an enhanced recognition engine and numerous features designed to facilitate form-processing application development. The new form recognition algorithm supports application requirements identifying form types, corrects image warping or resizing introduced through scanning and copying, and automatically reorients images scanned at 90, 180, and 270 degrees from a user-provided form template. Form registration removes image warping or resizing, and positions scanned forms correctly for zonal form processing. Version 4 also recognizes accented characters, many currency symbols, digits, arithmetic symbols, expanded punctuation characters, and more. It also includes specification of OMR fields as grids or as single bubbles. MICR is improved to recognize and report MICR symbols as well as returning MICR digits. $1,299.
Pegasus Imaging
Phone: 800-875-7009; 813-875-7575

Standards Master 2004 version 1.0.2.X
Standards Master 2004 is a coding standards enforcement tool. The new version features extended support for C#, including naming convention enforcement for variables, classes, functions, events, delegates, filenames, and more. It features an AutoCorrect feature, improved suggestion logic, and enforced maximum and minimum identifier lengths. Standards Master automatically inserts header comments into your files, classes, modules, procedures, and properties with configurable templates. It supports C# XML-style comments, and it checks your code for missing comments before inserting them en masse as needed. It also checks identifiers against a list of forbidden identifier names; formats and outlines your code using configurable block structure definitions; shares your standards definition files with any number of developers; and enforces different standards for different projects. $199.
FlexiSoft Solutions
Phone: 901-861-3063

stylevision 2004 Release 4
stylevision 2004 is a visual editing tool that lets you create XSLT and XSL:FO stylesheets and Authentic Forms based on XML schemas, DTDs, or databases. You use XSLT stylesheets to transform XML documents into HTML output, and XSL:FO stylesheets transform XML to PDF output. The new version lets you access database data from any major database, process it in XML, and render it into HTML pages or PDF reports. The Authentic Forms preview lets you design and preview Authentic Forms, which give business users a non-technical way to enter and edit XML content using the word processor-like interface of Altova authentic 2004. New support for command-line operations lets you call stylevision's functionality from within other applications without spawning its graphical user interface. $249 Professional; $599 Enterprise.
Phone: 978-816-1600; 43-1-545-5155-0

VLMenuPlus 4
VLMenuPlus enhances the appearance of Visual Basic menus by automatically displaying appropriate menu icons and status bar help messages for a number of standard menu items. This feature is supported for Unicode as well as non-Unicode menus in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish languages. VLMenuPlus supports right-to-left menus, and it offers enhanced support for menus in most European and Far Eastern languages. It automatically uses the color settings as specified in the desktop settings, but you can override the default colors as necessary. VLMenuPlus can also automatically detect the status bar in your application and start displaying help messages for a large number of commonly used menu captions. You can also customize the menu font, globally as well as at the individual menu item level. $99.
Viklele Associates
Phone: +91-20-25381012

xmlspy 2004 Release 4
xmlspy is an XML development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging all XML technologies. The latest version features advanced text-view functionality, which provides context-sensitive entry helpers, line numbering, book marking, source folding, indention guides, and find-and-replace functionality. xmlspy 2004 version 4 also includes extended database import/export functionality; it now interacts directly with the most popular relational databases, including Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, and IBM DB2. XML-aware file differencing and merging lets you compare the XML content, considering variations in formatting, namespaces, attribute order, and so on, and then merge the selected changes. $499 Professional; $999 Enterprise.
Phone: 978-816-1600; 43-1-545-5155-0

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