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This Special Report is a compilation of old and new editorial content about Windows Vista to prepare you for its upcoming release.

FTPOnline Bloggers

November 13, 2006

Read FTPOnline's bloggers' comments and opinions on Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Breaks the Mold
Patrick Meader encourages you to look beyond Window Vista's graphics upgrade to new and unique features, including Microsoft's security overhaul and Windows Live services.

InfoCard: It's Not Just Passport 2.0
Microsoft readies InfoCard, a new attempt to provide secure identity management with its upcoming Windows Vista release, and Patrick Meader shares details that came to light at VSLive! Orlando 2006.

VSLive! Orlando Wrap-Up
Billy Hollis dishes the inside scoop on Windows Presentation Foundation at VSLive! Orlando 2006.

Did HP Delay Vista?
Jim Fawcette questions Microsoft's reasons for delaying the release of Windows Vista.

Live Messenger Ignites IM Mash-Up Wars
Jim Fawcette discusses mash-ups and the much-hyped Web 2.0.

Orcas and the Future of Visual Studio
In an interview with Jim Fawcette, Sam Guckenheimer, lead product planner for Orcas, reveals where his group stands in defining the next iteration of Visual Studio 2005.

Technology Overload
So what does it really mean to be a technology "generalist"? Billy Hollis discusses the advantages and disadvantages of specialized skills.

Microsoft Brews Some Cider
Patrick Meader reports on the Community Technology Preview for Windows Vista that included Cider, a Visual Designer for the Windows Presentation Foundation.

Obstacles to Adoption of Avalon... uh, Sorry, I Mean WPF
Billy Hollis discusses roadblocks to expect when learning to use Windows Presentation Foundation.

Is WinFX Spawn of Groove?
A release of Microsoft Codename Max, a photo-sharing tool that demonstrates WinFX, helps Jim Fawcette determine WinFX's function and where Microsoft is headed with it.

Indigo and Distributed Applications
Peter Varhol offers some thoughts on BizTalk and summarizes the benefits of and developer path to Indigo.

What is Longhorn, Anyway?
Patrick Meader reveals Microsoft's three pillars on which Longhorn will sit: WinFS, a new file storage system; Avalon, a next-generation graphics system; and Indigo, its next-generation messaging system.

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Written/compiled by the editors of Visual Studio Magazine.

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