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Web Services

This Special Report is a compilation of old and new editorial content about Windows Vista to prepare you for its upcoming release.

Web Services

November 13, 2006

Windows Vista includes the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). WCF provides for efficient use of Web services through APIs that offer access to security and reliability features. This technology will lead to a significant surge in the building of individual Web services and facilitate the development of service-oriented architectures (SOAs) in the enterprise.

Outlining the Future of Software
Combine Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation to create fourth-generation apps.

Get Acquainted with SOA and Indigo
Learn about the core principles behind Windows Communication Foundation's service orientation, so you can better understand and create service-oriented applications with Indigo.

Simplifying Service-Oriented Apps
Learn how Windows Communication Foundation makes service-oriented apps easier to develop.

Create Interoperable Native Web Services
Yukon lets you take advantage of the new kernel-mode Http.sys listener and eliminates the need for IIS to process ASMX files or SQLXML 3.0 templates that implement Web services.

Connect Systems with Indigo
Indigo is meant to be the service-oriented successor to ASMX Web services, Web Services Enhancements (WSE), .NET Remoting, and other technologies.

Indigo Offers Unified Development
Learn how Indigo will simplify the development of distributed applications.

Bixhorn Paints Indigo Picture
Ari Bixhorn, lead product manager of Web Services Strategy in the Developer and Platform Division at Microsoft, discusses Microsoft's plan to create a unified programming model for building distributed, interconnected apps in an FTP interview.

Avalon: The Longhorn Presentation Layer
Avalon provides an expanded view of the UI layer with specific models for documents and media, and more.

Special Report: Get In-Depth Info on Indigo
Learn how to build Indigo applications that interoperate with or supplant such Microsoft communications systems as .NET Enterprise Services, System.Messaging, ASMX, .NET Remoting, and WSE.

Resources: Indigo
Explore Indigo, the core for communication in Longhorn.

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