October 2007 Letters: New Design Works

Readers share feedback on the new look of VSM, more.

I don't typically respond to opportunities to provide feedback on things like a format change. Most often, I have no desire to do so because I have nothing nice to say. So many layout changes almost seem to be trying to make it harder to read the publication.

So I am pleased to share that I find your change provides a fresh look, and it seems to make the publication easier to read. The only additional suggestion I would offer would be to go to a sans serif font for the article bodies to further enhance readability. I realize that the world is infatuated with Times Roman (I think that is what you are using), so that is not likely, but I feel it would make a worthwhile redo of the layout even better.

Good job!

Neil O'Brien
received by e-mail

The article typeface is Minion, a typeface with a somewhat narrow overall width that is intended to optimize the characters per line in order to alleviate "rivers" or "gaps" in justified text; it simultaneously maximizes word count and improves legibility. Generally speaking, serif typefaces are easier to read than san serif ones when used in large texts. The First Looks section utilizes a san serif typeface for shorter, quicker hits.--Scott Shultz, Creative Director.

What Content?
Well, you finally did it. You finally erased the last visual cue that distinguishes the editorial content from the ads.

I paged through the entire issue, looking in vain for something that was recognizable as editorial content. All I saw was advertising and something in between that appeared to be most likely a paid insert from Microsoft. Ultimately, I ended up at the back cover, and to my horror discovered that there wasn't even an editorial on the back page!

Was this an advertising flier? No, it was Visual Studio Magazine, all right, and I eventually located a couple of lukewarm technical articles.

So, there you go: VSM is now like other mags that I've stopped subscribing to because they went all Executive Summary on me.

Tom Dacon
received by e-mail

The omission of the back page editorial was a one-time event. It resumes in this issue and will continue to be written by Rockford Lhotka, but with a new name: Lhotka's Labyrinth.--Eds.

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This story was written or compiled based on feedback from the readers of Visual Studio Magazine.

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