Listing 2: T-SQL • Build the SOAP EndPoint

This code creates a SOAP endpoint and binds the two stored procedures created in Listing 1 to it. Note that the <i>authorization</i> setting specifies a valid login that is assigned ownership of the endpoint (the system administrator, in this case). If you don't assign a value to the authorization setting, ownership is assigned to the caller instead.

create endpoint eprocurement_purchasing
	authorization sa
as http
	authentication = (integrated),
	ports = (clear),
	site = 'localhost'
for soap
	webmethod 'SelectProduct'
		(name = 
		 schema = standard),
	webmethod 'CreatePurchaseOrder'
		(name = 
		schema = standard),
	wsdl = default,
	schema = standard,
	database = 'AdventureWorks'
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