Are You Tempted to Move to Vista?

A sampling of letters from the developer community.

Last issue we published an assessment of Windows Vista one year after its formal launch. Here are your responses:

I just had this discussion yesterday with our IT client services guy. I received a new laptop that came with Vista and was re-imaged with XP.

Me: So when do you expect we'll go to Vista?
IT: When we have a compelling app that's only available on Vista and not XP.
Me: So, not soon, that you foresee.
IT: Just before hell freezes over. We still have people on Windows 2000. The compelling application for the conversion to XP turns out to be remote desktop. I do a couple of those each week.
Rick Barrett
Raytheon IIS
Garland, Texas

I always wondered if the "100 Million sold" counts those users that got an "upgrade to Vista" CD with their Windows XP systems. My upgrade CD still sits in the filing cabinet at home while XP runs happily on my PC. By the way, I've gotten some extra life out of an old Win2K system that I also had on my home network by replacing Win2K with Linux Ubuntu.

Raymond Erdey
Systems Engineer Sr.
St. Louis, Mo.

I know that there's an undercurrent about Vista; however, I develop for both XP and Vista and I have to tell you that I much prefer Vista to XP.

Just for the record, I've personally developed software for all Windows operating systems -- yes, from Windows 1.0 and up. Vista is the best so far.

Pete Smietana, Ph.D.
Danville, Calif.

Vista is a lot of work and diminishing returns. We have Novell and it doesn't play well even with the patch.

Demetrio Salazar
Illinois Cement
LaSalle, Ill

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