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Been missing the old VBPJ archives? You're not the only one.

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Bring Back the Archives
I saw Patrick Meader's column about Bill Gates' impending retirement and overall contributions to Visual Basic at the redesigned site for the magazine [Editor's Note, "Good Luck, Mr. Gates," February 2008], and I feel compelled to point out another contribution to VB that has recently gone missing.

I cannot begin to express my disappointment at VSM's decision to scrap the older magazine archives. The original VBPJ archives constitute a wealth of invaluable information. It was bad enough when Microsoft took the "VB" out of Visual Basic when .NET was thrust upon us -- but now the VBPJ archives are no longer available?

The classic VB community isn't dead -- far from it -- and removing these old articles is a great disservice to that community. You should seriously reconsider removing these files from public access. If the material means so little to your organization, perhaps you would consider turning it over for reprinting by those in the classic VB community who truly do care not only about its continued relevance, but its deserved place in VB history

Kevin Provance, Bradenton, Fla.
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I'm the author of VSM's online column, Classic VB Corner, as well as the author of many of the articles that are currently unavailable. I agree completely that it's too bad the recent redesign of this site removed access to the content originally published as part of VBPJ, including the cited Guest Opinion by Bill Gates. When does 1105 Media plan on getting this content back online again? It really is a priceless collection for the community.

Karl E. Peterson
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The good news is that the content referred to here isn't gone forever -- we will be reposting it to the redesigned site soon. The bad news, though, is that it's taking us longer than anticipated to get that content back online. We still have every article since the beginning of this magazine (and will even be collecting all the Classic VB content into one place to make it easier to find). It's our intention to post all this content again as soon as possible, complete with working Locator + codes, so you can jump quickly and easily to any article in the Basic Pro/VBPJ/VSM archive. The timeframe for reposting this content -- all the way back to the inaugural issue -- is several months from now.

We know the delay has affected a lot of readers (and authors), and we apologize. If there is anyone who needs something in particular that isn't available online right now (such as an older code sample), please feel free to drop me a note at I'll see what can be done to provide that content for you.

Becky Nagel
Executive Editor, Web Initiatives

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