Entity Framework Protest Draws Criticism

A sampling of letters from the developer community.

Our coverage of Microsoft's Entity Framework's (EF) data-abstraction model culminates this month with Roger Jennings' cover story ("Data Dilemma") on Redmond's sundry data models. One reader responds to a Data Driver blog entry, written by RDN Executive Editor Jeffrey Schwartz, detailing an open petition to scrap the emerging EF work.

I've read the online petition and I don't know what people aim to gain from this. Complaining about whether implicit lazy loading and canonical shared models should be supported is ridiculous in a beta product. Although the EF testers' criticisms were constructive, creating a public forum is frankly "cutting off your nose to spite your face."

I'm personally dismayed with the MVPs who signed on -- they should know better. Most of them have direct connections into the product team and can express these opinions directly to them. Why do this in public? I have a lot of friends in Microsoft. They are not just business colleagues, but hard-working individuals who have spent 11-hour days trying to create something unique.

I think that the petition participants are missing the point with EF. Although it has issues, it's the first release. I'd like to see some of their code to see if they get it right the first time.

The transparent approach announcement will prevent this type of thing happening again.

Name withheld by request

Staffing for SharePoint
As reported in our July 1 issue, SharePoint skills are in high demand. One blog respondent says the answer is simple.

The only way to get ahead of competition is to suck up the skills on the market by paying top rates, training people up and outsourcing development to other countries.
Name withheld by request
Rome, Italy
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