So You Want To Customize a Process Template: Table 1

Starting State Transition To Reason Information
N/A Proposed New A bug report was filed
Proposed Closed Deferred Bug isn't being done now
Proposed Closed Rejected Bug wasn't accepted
Proposed Closed Duplicate Bug already exists
Proposed Active Investigate Bug is under investigation (someone is working on it)
Active Proposed Investigation complete Bug has been investigated, action is pending on it (not obvious in a report)
Active Closed Deferred ?? We decided not to work on it now
Active Closed Duplicate ?? We found that this bug already exists
Active Closed Not a bug Essentially, works as designed so this may be a change request
Active Closed Cannot reproduce An item to keep track of but not important at this point
Active Resolved Fixed Bug is fixed, awaiting testing
Active Resolved As designed ?? Essentially, works as designed so this may be a change request
Resolved Active Not fixed The developer didn't fix the bug correctly
Resolved Closed Fixed Bug was verified fixed through the testing process
Closed Active Closed in error Somehow the bug was closed but it's still in the process of being fixed
Closed Active Regression We fixed this bug before but it's back again
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