Create a Data-Driven Messaging System: C# & VB: Retrieve Messages: Listing 2

The GetMessage() method can retrieve messages based on various inputs. There are several overloads of the GetMessage() method. Each overload allows you to retrieve messages based on the various elements in the XML file. The method shown in this listing is the one that does all of the work for the other overloaded methods.

/ C#
public string GetMessage(string ClassName,
  string MessageName,
  int MessageNumber,
  int MessageID)
  mstrClassName = ClassName.Trim();
  mstrMessageName = MessageName.Trim();
  mintMessageNumber = MessageNumber;
  mintMessageID = MessageID;

  if (mstrXmlFile.Trim() != string.Empty)
    // Get Message from Data Store
    mstrMessage = GetMessageFromStorage();

  // Did not get a message, use the default
  if (mstrMessage == string.Empty)
    mstrMessage = mstrDefaultMessage;

  return mstrMessage;

Protected Function GetMessage( _
  ByVal ClassName As String, _
  ByVal MessageName As String, _
  ByVal MessageNumber As Integer, _
  ByVal MessageID As Integer) _
  As String

  mstrClassName = ClassName.Trim()
  mstrMessageName = MessageName.Trim()
  mintMessageNumber = MessageNumber
  mintMessageID = MessageID

  If mstrXmlFile.Trim() <> String.Empty Then
    ' Get Message from Data Store
    mstrMessage = GetMessageFromStorage()
  End If

  ' Did not get a message, use the default
  If mstrMessage = String.Empty Then
    mstrMessage = mstrDefaultMessage
  End If

  Return mstrMessage
End Function
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