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    GitHub Actions for Automated Workflows Now Supports CI/CD

    Microsoft has boosted the functionality of its GitHub Actions, automated workflows for the sprawling open source code repository and development platform it acquired in 2018. 08/13/2019

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    Security Report: Remote Code Execution Is Top .NET Threat Type

    Snyk, an open source security specialist, published a new report on .NET security, finding that remote code execution, cross-site scripting and denial-of-service vulnerabilities account for two-thirds of the known vulnerabilities in the .NET ecosystem. 08/12/2019

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    Visual Studio Code Icon Change Completed in July 2019 Update

    The always-tricky prospect of changing Visual Studio Code icons has been realized with the July update, version 1.37, of the open source, cross-platform code editor that has become wildly popular in the development community. 08/08/2019

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    Visual Studio App Center Adds Desktop Development

    Visual Studio App Center, a mobile-centric resource for building, testing, releasing and monitoring apps, now supports WPF and WinForms desktop development. 08/08/2019

  • Practical .NET

    How to Update Members of a Collection with LINQ

    Sometimes it's just cool to take a walk through some technology to find all the different ways you can solve a problem -- sort of "Fun with the .NET Framework." Here's a look at all the ways that Peter could think of to update an object in a collection ... some of which may be foolish. 08/07/2019

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    VS Code Python Tool Offers Insiders Program

    The August 2019 update of the super-popular Python extension for Visual Studio Code comes with an easy opt-in to the Insiders program (pre-release feature access), along with several tweaks, fixes and enhancements. 08/07/2019

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    Azure IoT Dev Tooling, Security Service Make GA Debuts

    Microsoft-centric Internet of Things (IoT) development was bolstered with the recent release of Azure IoT Edge Tooling and Azure Security Center for IoT, both of which are now generally available. 08/06/2019

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    Microsoft Tackles Visual Studio Feature Request 'Black Box' Problems

    Microsoft is seeking to open up the "black box" of its Visual Studio feature request mechanism that can anger and frustrate developers who provide tooling feedback. 08/06/2019

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    Microsoft Killing VBScript in Internet Explorer 11

    Microsoft is continuing its long deprecation of VBScript in its Internet Explorer 11 Web browser for security reasons. 08/06/2019

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    Microsoft Research Launches Blockchain AI Project

    Microsoft Research is unveiling its latest AI initiative, one that aims to help "democratize AI" with a new open-source framework that will leverage blockchain technology. 07/31/2019

  • The Data Science Lab

    How To Code Modern Neural Networks Using Python and NumPy

    Data scientist Dr. James McCaffrey begins a series on presenting and explaining the most common modern techniques used for neural networks, for which over the past couple of years there have been many small but significant changes in the default techniques used. 07/29/2019

  • Practical .NET

    The Service Layer in Software Development Doesn't Exist

    While the concept of "service classes" probably has some value when it comes to organizing the objects you're dealing with, the idea of a "service layer" has no value at all when it comes to building applications. 07/26/2019

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