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    VS Code Tool Targets Alexa Skills Development

    A new Visual Studio Code extension from the Amazon Alexa dev team targets the development and deployment of skills, or capabilities the voice-activated virtual assistant can perform in response to verbal commands. 08/08/2018

  • Adding Your Own Files to Your Visual Studio Solution

    Visual Studio is perfectly willing to work with any file that you want to add to your solution -- you just have to tell it what editor to use. 08/07/2018

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    Microsoft Addresses Botched .NET Framework Updates

    Microsoft issued fixes to address problems with .NET Framework applications that were caused by July Windows patches. 08/07/2018

  • Switching Your Xamarin Project to Standard Class Projects

    If you're building a Xamarin solution you should be using a .NET Standard Class library to hold your common code. Here's how to convert an existing Xamarin Solution using a Shared or PCL project to the new standard. 08/06/2018

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    Xamarin.Android 9.0 (P) Preview Now Available

    Microsoft's Xamarin team announced the availability of Xamarin.Android 9.0 (P) Preview, letting Visual Studio developers target the next big update to Google's Android mobile OS. 08/03/2018

  • Practical .NET

    The Case Against Zero-Defect Software

    Testing is a necessary but not a value-added task. To put it another way, while testing is something we have to do, our users would be just as happy if we could produce quality software without it. Understanding that leads to a realistic approach to testing. 08/02/2018

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    Microsoft .NET Framework Updates Don't Fix Most Recent Windows 10 Builds

    This week Microsoft released updates to .NET Framework versions to fix problems caused by its botched July 10 patches, but some key Windows systems remain unpatched. 08/02/2018

  • The Practical Client

    Your First Blazor App

    Blazor is the Microsoft toolset that exploits the WebAssembly standard to let you write C# code that will run in your browser. Here's how to set up Visual Studio 2017 and create your first app. 08/01/2018

  • Organizing Test Cases

    As the number of your automated tests starts to pile up, using "Run All" to make sure that you haven't introduced any new bugs starts to look less attractive. Fortunately, Visual Studio makes it easy to organize your tests into groups. 08/01/2018

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    Open Source Community Powers New F# 4.5 Preview

    Perhaps nothing better exemplifies the "new" Microsoft than the process of developing the F# functional programming language it created 13 years ago, a process heavily dependent upon the open source community. 08/01/2018

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    TypeScript 3.0 Ships

    It includes new project reference functionality, support for operating on parameter lists, new types to enforce explicit checks, improved JSX support, a better error UX and much more. 07/31/2018

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    GitHub Strengthens Visual Studio Ties

    As expected following its recent purchase of GitHub, Microsoft's flagship Visual Studio IDE is seeing stronger integrations with the development platform and open source code repository. 07/30/2018

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    VS Code Gets AI-Assisted IntelliCode for Python

    Python developers using Visual Studio Code are getting an AI-assisted boost from the editor's IntelliCode extension, just released in a preview. 07/30/2018

  • The Data Science Lab

    Neural Regression Using Keras

    Data scientist Dr. James McCaffrey provides code, screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to perform regression using a deep neural network with the Keras code library. 07/23/2018

  • Eliminate Code and Add Functionality with Fody Attributes

    If you're not using Fody then you're probably writing too much code. 07/23/2018

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